Multinational Companies and Their Products Are Becoming More and More Important

Write about the following topic: In most countries, multinational companies and their products are becoming more and more important. This trend is seriously damaging our quality of life. Do you agree or disagree? Write at least 250 words.

Sample 1 Multinational Companies and Their Products Are Becoming More and More Important

In many nations, global firms and their goods are becoming incessantly essential. This kind of development can bring chaos to our tranquility. I believe international products play a vital role. Firstly this essay shall discuss how life can be easier and full of variations, secondly, growth of development, and circulation of money prevail.

Since the introduction of globalization, our world becomes very zipped and small as numbers of things are available at our doorstep without compromising any features. Quality of life becomes more reliant and vivid as global companies offer endless products and choices to finalize. For instance, in past days our parents used to dream about international goods and shopping but the current generation has amenities to buy any international products without flinching just like buying European clothes in a local market. Thus life becomes easier and meaning full due to the availability of such companies, unlike in past days.

Multinational companies bring advantage as they can be more trustworthy and recognizable at the global level. Even many times such companies bring job opportunity in the local market which ultimately happens to help people of respective nation. Over the year monopoly can be avoided due to the presence of local business as prices can be affordable for all. For example, a few decades ago a Maggie noodle was introduced in India where a local company was stealing people’s money by supplying low-quality goods. People of India strongly opposed the home turf grown company and accepted international firm, which has better quality and taste. Therefore, global companies play a vital role to correct economic and quality-related issues.

To conclude, quality of life can be restored and live in a fair manner if international products start selling their more products at the global level.

Sample 2 Multinational Companies and Their Products Are Becoming More and More Important

Multinational companies nowadays find it convenient both to market their goods all over the world and set up production facilities wherever they find it convenient. In my opinion, this has had an adverse effect on our quality of life in three main areas.

The first area is their products. Supporters of globalization would argue that multinational companies make high-quality goods available to more people. While this may be true to some extent, it also means that we have less choice of products to consume. When powerful multinational companies invade local markets with their goods, they often are obliged local companies with fewer resources to go out of business. In consequence, we are obliged to buy multinational products whether we like them or not.

This brings me to my second point. It is sometimes said that multinational companies and globalization are making societies more open. This may be true. However, I would point out that as a result, the human race is losing its cultural diversity. If we consumed varied products, societies, wherever we live, would be more varied. This can be seen by the fact that we all shop in identical multinational supermarkets and buy identical products wherever we live.

Thirdly, defenders of multinational companies often point out that they provide jobs. Although this is undoubtedly true, it also means that we have become more vulnerable to them, which in turn makes us more vulnerable to their decisions. When, for example, a multinational decides to move its production facilities to another country, this has an adverse effect on its workers who lose their jobs.

All in all, I believe that if we as voters pressured our governments to make multinational companies more responsible and to protect local producers from outside competition, we could have the benefits of globalization without its disadvantages.

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