Money Spent on Developing Technology for Space Exploration is Not Justified

Some People Think the Money Spent on Developing Technology for Space Exploration is Not Justified. There Are More Beneficial Ways to Spend This Money. To What Extent Do You Agree or Disagree?

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Sample Answer of Money Spent on Developing Technology for Space Exploration is Not Justified


Technology has made the life of a layman easy. So, investing more in technology for space exploration is unreasonable as there are other areas that need financial assistance such as the educational sector, health sector and to name but a few. So, I completely disagree that utilizing money on space exploration is reasonable.


At the outset, the education sector needs more monetary help. Some schools are unable to purchase equipment that is used while performing various experiments. So, students only get theoretical knowledge and remain deprived of getting practical knowledge due to a lack of gadgets or apparatus. For example, public schools often face such kinds of situations. Due to lack of funds, these schools focus more on theory, and practical work is left untouched. In my perspective, it is a great disadvantage for the students and they will have less interest in searching for new things and their curiosity will kill. So, what’s the use of expending more on searching outer space, if in the foreseeable future it would not be able to fascinate the interested minds due to their lack of interest in it?


Moving further, good health is also vital for people. People either belong to developed nations or developing ones are experiencing health issues namely they suffer from fatal diseases and are not getting good treatment due to its expansive nature. So, it would be wise to provide sufficient aid to the hospitals so that they can render their services. The quintessential of it can be seen in today’s era. People all over the world are dying due to covid-19 and are not treating well in developing countries particularly in government hospitals. The rich are treated well, but the poor are neglected. So, instead of spending it on outer space, it would be beneficial to give financial help to hospitals for drugs, equipment, and research so that humanity can be saved if epidemic diseases occur.


In conclusion, it would be plausible to expend more on health, education instead of spending on outer space. If people of a nation are experiencing abject poverty and are not educated, all the inventions are failed. So, exploration of life on other planets is a useless effort, if a country’s own natives are dying due to getting no financial aid from its rulers.

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