More and More People Are Becoming Seriously Overweight: Writing Task 2

More and more people are becoming seriously overweight. Some people have suggested that governments should increase the cost of unhealthy foods. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Sample 1 More and More People Are Becoming Seriously Overweight: Writing Task 2

Being overweight is severe for those who gain weight daily just by eating unhealthy foods, and everyone knows that being overweight brings various diseases with them and to get safe from those diseases, people must take care of their weight. Some people say that if the government can increase the cost of unhealthy food, then people become fit on that topic; I am going to explain some of my viewpoints.

If I talk about being overweight nowadays, every third person has increased weight just by eating unhealthy food. So I think that is not good for people because being overweight is an issue for fat people because fat can bring many diseases and also reduces the personality of the person. Hence, people have to follow the proper diet and eat only healthy food to get from the disease. I read an article 1 year ago, and this article clearly said that every disease is concerned with fat.

However, some people suggest that an increase in the price of unhealthy and junk food may people prevent from becoming overweight and this is a trick somehow but not a permanent solution to get rid of this only people can work on themselves and their bodies to eat with discipline and eat healthy food always sometimes they can eat junk food but just for the taste. However, most of the time, they eat proper home-cooked meals and maintain their body shape.

In conclusion, this is the responsibility of not only the government but also for every individual to get serious about their health because, as everyone says, health is wealth.

Sample 2 More and More People Are Becoming Seriously Overweight: Writing Task 2

It is undeniable that more and more people are gaining extra weight. While some people advise it, they believe that if local authorities put a heavy tax on these unhealthy food items and raise their prices, then obesity may decrease. I disagree with the given statement because obesity can only manage with people’s own awareness, whilst heavy taxes reduce the use of these foods to some extent.

Admittedly, those who believe that government must upsurge the prices of unhealthy food give the following reasons. First, people use that kind of item because it is a convenient way to eat. They become workaholics and do not have time to cook healthy homemade food. Hence the only option has fast food is rose obesity, and these things pass from generation to generation. For instance, these food items are readily available at the local vendor on every street for just 20Rs. Consequently, if legislation put a heavy tax on such items, people would decline their use. Moreover, that is why some have opted to increase the price of these foods by the government.

Despite that, people have their understanding towards life that only reduce these fat foods use if they have an awareness of their health. Of course, unions can not stop people from using these things because people have enough money for their subsistence and resistance; thus, only increasing prices may not stop them from using those kinds of items. For instance, in western society, people are more educated. They have set their minds on healthy food as they have learned from elders’ mistakes why their older have a dangerous diseases like cancer or obesity. Thus, they shun to use unhealthy food at their own levels.

In conclusion, obesity is not reduced without people’s awareness of a healthy lifestyle. Despite that, other people feel that ministry would raise the prices of unhealthy food it overcomes the overweight. In my view, only people’s own deeds or responsibility towards their bodies can reduce this problem.

Sample 3 More and More People Are Becoming Seriously Overweight: Writing Task 2

An increasing number of people are getting excessively obese. Therefore some people have advised that Governmentment should increase the price of harmful foods. I totally agree with this opinion because their consumption and adverse effects will be minimised.

To begin with, the heightened cost of junk food will decrease the rate at which people consume them. High prices will compel people to buy less of them and opt for less expensive foods which are healthy. For example, according to the statistics done in 2020 on the consumption of pizza and burgers, it was discovered that a surge in their prices brought down the consumption rate by 40 % at the end of the year. Therefore, an increment in unhealthy food fees will cut down the feeding rate, reducing the obesity rate.

Similarly, the side effects of taking non-nutritious foods will be minimised. Less eating as a result of the inflated price will consequently reduce the harmful effects that come with them because of less exposure to their dangerous constituents. To illustrate, a drop in the proportion of adiposity in Nigeria in 2020 has been reported to be linked to low consumption of unhealthy diets by the citizens because they are not affordable and satisfying compared to other kinds.

In conclusion, I totally agree with high pay for foods that are not beneficial to health to curb the increasing overweight population. This is because it will reduce the amount consumed as well as the disorders associated with them.

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