More and More People Today Are Moving Away from Where Their Friends: Writing Task 2

More and more people today are moving away from where their friends and family live. Do the advantages of this trend outweigh the disadvantages?

Sample 1

The paradigm shift is responsible for alienating the people from their comrades or family. In my perspective, it has more demerits than merits as individuals will be unsocial and experience mental tribulations.

First off, several individuals are staying away from their loved ones because technology has dominated their lives. Resultantly they are becoming unsocial. To elaborate, people spend a lot of time in front of electronic gadgets, and they hardly have any conversation with them. Thus, this communication gap becomes so big that one day the person feels isolated. That is a big flaw in leading a blissful life. However, they get success by spending maximum time at work. They, at the end of the day, feel alone. So, what is the usage of having enough money if they lead a lonely life? For example, such types of multitudes can be seen in metropolitan areas, who, despite having a great deal of money, end their lives by committing suicide due to homesickness.

Furthermore, ambitions and privacy are the other reasons for moving away from families or friends. In other words, people now have many ambitions, such as settling overseas, running a business, building a dream house, and so on. To fulfil these, they justify themselves by staying away from them. Namely, candidates are migrating abroad to study there and enjoy their life. They utilise a hefty amount on it. After completion of their study, they disdain to come back. Thus it is disadvantageous as it is the time to look after their old parents and improve their country, and those people choose to ignore it. In addition, privacy also compels them to take this action. Nobody wants the interference of any person. So, leaving their families and friends, they lead a life of their own will. This attitude, now and then, makes them make wrong decisions that can spoil their life. So, this independence can become the cause of their failure.

In conclusion, it is apparent that individuals are moving away owing to technology and their ambitious nature. They might be successful in fulfilling their dreams but leading the rest of life without the support of family or friends make them depressed and lifeless.

Sample 2

Nowadays, it is universally acknowledged that distance settlement away from relatives and friends has been increasing dramatically. From my perspective, I consider this trend to cause undesirable consequences that exceed the advantages.

To start with, living in a foreign region may bring numerous advantages, and distinct thinking patterns development is possible. This can be explained by the fact that different cultural backgrounds of nations hold their citizens’ various mindsets. Therefore, immigrants can have exotic opportunities to expose themselves to culture-based attitudes towards problems. For instance, in America, independent living tends to be taken priority over other personalities by parents when bringing up their children, whereas, in Viet Nam, mental intelligence is of great importance and needs acquiring when parents nurture their offspring.

However, despite the aforementioned benefits, immigration can pose risks to non-native residents as an aspect of mentality and health. Regarding mental problems, culture shock is almost unavoidable for people living far away from family since the difference in living patterns and cuisine may hinder them from adapting to the new environment. In addition, a long-lasting life far away from relatives may contribute to autism and loneliness or even suicide commitment. For health ones, living under extreme and unpredictable weather may cause non-native citizens can have skin-related or respiratory diseases. Those with low antibodies or weak immunity against the mentioned disease can have no chance to return to their own countries.

To sum up, living far away from relatives and friends can be an alternative way to broaden one’s horizons about the world. However, being well-prepared for this trend is compulsory to avoid undesirable outcomes.

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