New Technologies Have Changed the Way Children Spend Their Leisure Time

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New technologies have changed the way children spend their leisure time. Do the advantages outweigh the disadvantages?

Sample 1:- New Technologies Have Changed the Way Children Spend Their Leisure Time

Nowadays pupils spend their spare time playing games and watching TV as per this concern they have changed the prospect of living their life since it has a plethora of demerits alongside reasons. This essay examines all feasible aspects and thus leads to a logical conclusion in the upcoming paragraphs.

To commence with, according to this technological era, children are habituated to electronic activities due to the fact it has a drawback for them. Moreover, technology has made the worst perspective of human life. Therefore, individuals are less interested in physical exercise or activities for the reason that advancement delivered an appropriate and effortless way of living life. For example, in India, several people are addicted to technology; therefore, they have no employment.

On the other hand, there are multifarious merits of having an education in technology. Furthermore, technology provides an easy way of communication as well as delivering every kind of information to individuals as people can take their devices into their pockets as it has adjustable and reliable sources. To elaborate, people can utilize it for their education purposes and increase their brainstorming by providing a huge amount of info on the internet and on television. To illustrate, Germany had the first rank in the pupil’s education system in world consideration, BCC news channel reported.

In conclusion, the internet is an Eminem fraction of human life as everyone can use it without hesitation. However, it has a few demerits for pupils and youngsters as it would be detrimental if utilized in a negative sense.

Sample 2:- New Technologies Have Changed the Way Children Spend Their Leisure Time

In this technological era, technologies have changed the way we spend our lives, and without technologies. We can’t even get through a day of our lives because nowadays we are too dependent on modern devices. Not only are adults addicted to technology, but also children now have their own devices to enjoy their lives. That youngster has changed the way they spend their free time. At some point, it is beneficial for them, but it also harms them at some point. In the next few paragraphs, I give an explanation of my point.

To begin with, at some point, modern devices help children learn new things. If they are used in good ways, and at the age of a child, they need to clear basic fundamental ideas about their future studies  So technological devices like mobile phones help them learn new things, such as watching educational videos on Youtube so they can clear the basics of education. For instance, in recent years, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many children who had nothing to do and were bored at home learned many things with the help of the internet and mobile devices.

On the other hand, the opposite use of technology affects the child’s future. In addition, these devices also provide entertainment features like games. If the child’s mind is diverted into playing games, he or she can’t focus on studying. And education is very important for the next step in life. For example, my friend from my society had a gaming device called the PS2 when we were in 2nd grade, and he always played games even if we had our exams near school. That affected his grades, and his fundamentals were still unclear in adulthood.

In conclusion, technological devices are better if they are appropriately used, and they can help children build their future. However, if it is used in an addictive way, it is harmful to their mental health, and sometimes it becomes an issue for their family.

Sample 3:- New Technologies Have Changed the Way Children Spend Their Leisure Time

It has been observed that modern technology has transformed the way young minds utilize their spare time. I think it has more disadvantages than advantages as teenagers will play outdoor activities less and consequently face serious health issues.

To begin with, using cutting-edge technology in their free time deters adolescents from playing outdoor sports and leading a sedentary lifestyle. To elaborate, now, children have started using their free time to play games, chat with friends. As a result, they develop obesity, cardiovascular disease, hypertension and low vision. Therefore, using free time on technology negatively impacts their overall development. Moreover, a communication gap has emerged between parents and children. To explain it, now children like being more social with others through various communication apps. They have very few conversations with their parents. They should spend the free time with their parents and learn valuable life lessons they utilize on mobiles or laptops by making their lives public. For instance, they communicate with other communities and increase their familiarity. Which sometimes proves fatal and becomes a cause of their destruction. Thus, young minds avoid talking with elderly people.

Undoubtedly, technology has revolutionized the way children spend their free time. Initially, it has helped them in their study by making things easier to understand. To elaborate, generally, learners find study a burden due to complex vocabulary, theorems and many more. The teachers teach them in an orthodox way, so they are unable to catch the information. Here, technology assists them in assessing information in an easy way in their free time. They can record that information and can retain it for a long time. Thus, they can understand well. To exemplify it, talk shows or UGC programmes on television assist a lot of a learner in grabbing information, and through experimentation, youngsters learn well. However, it has a bad impact on their physical health. They will avoid talking with others and depend more on it.

In conclusion, hi-tech technology has altered how we spend our free time. It has made them stop playing outdoor sports and widen the communication gap between parents and their children. Although, it has facilitated the way of learning through various programmes on TV. It has created health issues and made them dependent on it.

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