News Editors Decide What to Broadcast on Television and What to Print in Newspapers

News editors decide what to broadcast on television and what to print in newspapers. What factors do you think to influence these decisions? Do we become used to bad news? Would it be better if more good news was reported? Use your own ideas, knowledge and experience and support your arguments with examples and relevant evidence.

Sample 1 News Editors Decide What to Broadcast on Television and What to Print in Newspapers

It is an undeniable fact that broadcasting the news on media (print or visual media) is written by news editors. And this decision is influenced by the current authority and rating or competition. In my opinion, yes, we had indulged in seeing the more negative news. But, it is not a better idea to show only the positive news in media because it reduces the real purpose of media.

To begin with, many factors influence the decision of editors. The main one is politicians or current authorities; the politician suppresses many media houses. For example, in China and Saudi Arabia nations, during the Corona Pandemic, their media were prohibited from displaying written content suffered from Corona. Another one, many news channels display news to get high ratings or TRP compared to their competitor. These new channels fixed the timing for a particular show, for example, 9 Pm for debate expert. All media houses use the same time for the same episode and sensationalize the news for high ratings or reviews. Thus, the above factors have influenced the decision of editors.

In my opinion, ‘yes’, we are becoming used to negative news because different forms of media influence people’s views or subconscious toward negativity. They focus on sensationalizing the news. People feel monotonous without the sub-title of breaking news. And most of the time, breaking news is bad news.

The answer to the question is clearly ‘no’; it is not an effective idea to present only positive news in front of the public as it will lose the real objective of media, which means to show every aspect of society except if it is good or bad.

In conclusion, I reiterated my opinion; the editor’s decision is affected by the power of politicians and competition for review. While I believe we have done our thinking to see more bad news these days, it is not mean that only showing the positive news in media can solve all the problems due to forgetting the real purpose of media.

Sample 2 News Editors Decide What to Broadcast on Television and What to Print in Newspapers

The issue at Present is the issue of broadcasting news on television or print in newspapers. News reporters select which news should be published and printed in newspapers and which news not be broadcast on television. I opine that there are myriad factors behind it, and it creates positive effects if more positive news is reported. This essay will scrutinize both aspects of the quandary in the ensuing paragraph.

To begin with, I asserted that manifold factors encourage reporters to broadcast some selective news on television and print in newspapers. They broadcast some special news because of public demands, which would help them to augment their channel TRP. Furthermore, news such as election results and live telecasts of some events cannot be published later, so they will be broadcast on television rather than printed in newspapers. In addition, some news is not prominent to the public, like small robbery news or accident news, so they decided to print in newspapers. For example, in the survey of 2010 which was conducted by BBC news, 69% of reporters selected news according to public demands and the importance of the news.

Secondly, I vehemently believe that bad news is good for news channels, so they seamlessly show that Type of news to their viewers. We become habituated, but it creates detrimental effects on societies. Also, it is imperative to report more good news in order to create a positive impact on viewers as well as lead to bring harmony to societies. Moreover, inhabitants feel safe if reporters report good news, which leads to less violence. To exemplify, in the survey on CNN news channel, which was conducted in 2015, 74% of England people felt safe and secure because of the news channels’ good news.

In conclusion, considering these points from a personal perspective, without a shadow of a doubt. I am inclined to believe that there are some factors behind selecting news for broadcast and print in newspapers, and it would be better if reporters reported positive news.

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