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Not All Drivers Obey the Laws While Driving on Roads

Not All Drivers Obey the Laws While Driving on Roads

Not all drivers obey the laws while driving on roads. What are the reasons for this? What can be done to fix this problem?

Driving is a significant skill that anyone can learn. While few drivers strictly adhere to all the rules and regulations of driving on roads, others may not, which leads to dangerous, life-threatening problems. This essay will discuss the reasons why this is happening and its possible solutions in detail.

Some drivers prefer to drive at their own pace without bothering about the laws for two major reasons. Firstly, because of the minimal fines in few countries, chauffeurs believe that they can bear these fines when charged as they can be easily affordable. For example, a cab driver who was seen driving at a higher speed in India would cautiously drive his car in Canada because of huge fines and punishments imposed by the Canadian government. Secondly, few drivers ignore the rules with the belief that they may not get caught. This category of drivers thinks that they can be skipped from being nabbed in the first place and hence avoid following the rules. 

However, governments can streamline certain realistic solutions to avoid the treacherous threats when the driving laws are not obeyed. First, a possible solution is to impose humongous fines and strict punishments, which would make the chauffeurs attentive. To illustrate, a bus driver would undoubtedly maintain a safe following distance if a huge fine of 5000 rupees is imposed. Another solution to this problem is utilising technology to automate and track the vehicles that ignore the traffic rules. For instance, it has been evident that the auto scan system of speed violation vehicles has dramatically reduced the number of drivers driving extremely fast than advised. 

Conclusively, some chauffeurs intend to drive against the rules and laws imposed by the governments because of the simple punishments followed in their countries and non-courteous thinking of not being caught. This issue can be strictly avoidable by imposing exceptionally harsh penalties and auto-tracking systems.

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