Nowadays Celebrities Are More Famous for Their Glamour and Wealth than For Their Achievements

Nowadays celebrities are more famous for their glamour and wealth than for their achievements, and this sets a bad example for young people. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

Sample 1 Nowadays Celebrities Are More Famous for Their Glamour and Wealth than For Their Achievements

It is implicit that youngsters are truly influenced by the looks of celebrities and tend to follow various social platforms from which they are fascinated with their hard work, which has always been a matter of dispute and highly debatable. Despite their significant contribution to society, a group of individuals believes that these practices negatively impact the lifestyle of juveniles. However, I tend to think in the opposite direction. I deem that celebrities play a significant role in managing the life of youngsters on the right path. I have some solid grounds to defend my point of view.

To begin, it is irrefutable that Celebrities provide numerous efforts, as well as their performance, to have spots in society. Besides, it required great talent and potential to become popular among the thousands. However, the contribution of celebrities is also second to none. They give tremendous of right option to enhance living standard even they provide entertainment and inspiration to every youngster also get motivated themself. They are role models for society, and teenagers follow them and listen to them. Additionally, they have immense struggling carrier plans, thus leading most youngsters to follow their idols over social media, get impressed by their phase of the struggle, and always stay wealthy for their future projects. For example, celebrities always stay physically strong for their upcoming concerts and movies, which thus provide incredible content for the young generation and enrol them in positive errands. As a result, teenagers get to attract their level of dedication and are willing to perform themself in their prospects.

Moreover, celebrities sacrifice their personal life completely to prove themselves in the community and make an effort to provide possible support for youngsters. To be clear, the accomplishment of talented people brought children to desire satisfaction in their lives. Juvenile tends to start their carrier and adopt ample positive assets from famous public figures. For instance, a few famous personalities run their academy and sponsor their brands without any cost for the youngsters so that children get motivated and learn lots of lessons about life from this organisation and of obtaining potential and make use of their leisure time instead of spending to prolonged time during the vacations.


In the end, it can be concluded that public figures have more control rather than the government over the youth of the nation tour; therefore, celebrities also make a huge contribution during the pandemic, so these are the attributes vital for the nation and youngsters to become like a superhero and save the world.

Sample 2 Nowadays Celebrities Are More Famous for Their Glamour and Wealth than For Their Achievements

In the contemporary epoch, it is most typically believed that renowned personalities are prominent due to their affluent lifestyle and physical appearance, frequently generating an incredible deal of heated debate. However, I vehemently disaccord with the given stance, and I will elucidate my perspective with credible illustrations in the forthcoming paragraphs.

Scrutinizing the assertion and elaborating further, many famous individuals are known for their accomplishments rather than their aesthetics or prosperous well-being. They are establishing numerous charity organizations to aid underprivileged humans. They conduct campaigns on the internet and encourage the public to provide their contributions. To exemplify, multiple celebrities provided enormous monetary benefits to poor people residing in nearby communities during the recent pandemic outbreak. Furthermore, they effectively and efficiently utilize social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to raise awareness and safeguard our environment. There are various initiatives set up by the film fraternity, such as green environment, and they regularly plant saplings in nearby localities, which are captured and uploaded on their respective profiles on such websites. Therefore, they play a crucial role in educating youth on helping poor people and preserving our planet.

Probing ahead, famous personalities are becoming entrepreneurs in multifarious departments and are persistent in providing employment opportunities to the public. These businesses include restaurants, clothing, electronic appliances and sports franchises. The monetary profits received from their business are eventually given as donations to communities in need. For instance, one of the prominent Indian cricket players and former captain Virat Kohli has started his own franchise, OneEight, which is a chain of culinary experiences and includes scrumptious international cuisines. The customers who visit these hotels experience an appealing supper and volunteer to contribute to charitable organizations at the end of their meal. Thus, celebrities are establishing businesses that make life more reliable and provide funds to help underprivileged communities.

Taking everything into consideration, celebrities are a pivotal part of our society as they enthusiastically participate in programs to protect our earth and contribute by helping needy persons either from their own pockets or starting conglomerate entrepreneurship. Hence, they are considered role models to the young generations.

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