The Illustrations Show How Chocolate is Produced. Ac Writing Task 1

The illustrations show how chocolate is produced.

The illustrations show how chocolate is produced.

The chart illustrates the manufacturing of chocolates.

Overall, it is immediately apparent from the chart that there are a total of 10 stages to producing chocolates, beginning with the ripe pods collected from cocoa trees and culminating in liquid chocolate produced.

In detail, ripe red pods have been collected from cocoa trees that only grow in South America, Africa and Indonesia. Next, pods are harvested, and white cocoa beans are pulled from outposts. Following this, beans go through the process of fermentation. After fermented beans get spread under the sun for drying then, dry beans are collected in massive sacks and transported by different modes of transportation such as lorries and trains.

In the subsequent stage, dried beans are taken to factories and go through the roasting process. Moreover, beans get roasted at 350°C and processed for the next stage. The beans are crushed by large round machines, which are separated the outer shell from the beans and move to the final stage of the process. The inner part of the beans gets pressed, and chocolate is produced in liquid form.

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