Nowadays, Distance Learning Programs Have Gained Popularity

Nowadays, distance learning programs have gained popularity, but some people argue that online courses can never be as good as those taken at a college or university in person. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

It is irrefutable that whether online study is beneficial for students or not has been raising a lot of debate. Many people believe that learning through the Internet is not better for pupils than offline classes in educational institutes. However, in my opinion, I totally disagree with the former statement. This essay will analyse my views by taking examples to demonstrate my points and prove my arguments.

On the one hand, it is believed by numerous individuals that individuals prefer to send their kids to school and college so that they are not only clear their doubts from a teacher at that particular period, but also learn to interact with each other, which helps them to be socially active and know about the value of sharing. To exemplify, many subjects need some practical experiments, such as science, which is impossible unless learners go to the offline classroom. But we can be overcome by distinct methods. 

On the other hand, due to inflation, students have to do part-time jobs to help their family members and for their own expenditures so that they get flexible time to attain knowledge. Moreover, if students take education from the Internet via Google Meet and Zoom, which gives a number of authority to pupils and learners, like screen sharing as well as chatting option, which can be helpful for doubt clearance and also get recorded lectures, it enables learners to allocate the studying time whenever it is suitable for them. In India, for example, during the COVID-19 pandemic, had remote teaching not been attained, it would have been immensely difficult for juveniles to continue their study. Hence, remote learning has lots of benefits if we use it in an accurate way. 

In conclusion, although remote learning can lead to better academic achievement through flexible timing. It has declined moral values and communication skills in children. 

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