Nowadays, health care has become the focus of the people’s concern It is a highly debated

Nowadays, health care has become the focus of the people’s concern It is a highly debated issue as to who should pay for this service. There are those who argue that the government should pay for it while others think individuals should shoulder the costs. Personally, I think that basic health care should be on the government but advanced health care should be borne by the individual.

It is irrefutable that it is the government’s responsibility to make basic health care accessible to everyone. The reason is that a nation’s prosperity very much depends on the contribution made by its citizens who are in good health. After all we all pay taxes and so we are entitled to get something back in return. Private hospitals can be available for those who want and can afford it but the free government hospitals should always be there.

On the other hand, individuals should be responsible for their advanced health care. Actually, the advanced medical and surgical treatments are very expensive. So, instead of depending on government we should take some health insurance or save in any other way with the tomorrow in mind. If the government pays for the advanced health care, then it would be a big burden on its shoulders and many other essential areas, such as primary education would be ignored.

There are, of course, some sections of society who cannot afford their own healthcare. The government should have some system of knowing their financial status and provide free healthcare so that nobody dies for want of treatment.

To sum up, it can be reiterated that basic education and primary education should be borne by the government, but advanced health care should be paid by the individual from his pocket.

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Nowadays, health care has become the focus of the people’s concern It is a highly debated


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