Nowadays It Is More Convenient and Easier for People to Travel

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Nowadays, it is more convenient and easier for people to travel to other countries. Is this a positive or negative development?

Sample 1:- Nowadays It Is More Convenient and Easier for People to Travel

It is argued that these days traveling to other nations is more comfortable and easier. I think it is a positive development as people remove culture shock and travelers enhance the economy of a nation.

To begin with, individuals remove culture shock. To elaborate, when people make their itineraries, they visit different nations and familiarise themselves with different kinds of people who belong to variant cultures. Resultantly, they remove culture shock by taking part in their festivals, trade fairs, and other ceremonies. It is very lucrative for the individuals and the nations where the travelers make their visit. For instance, there are a number of tourist apps that provide knowledge to the people to make their trips on land or outside nations. Sometimes people get a chance to live with the host family, then people observe other communities so closely and break all the barriers.

Moreover, it is a source of generating income for the government. When people move to different places, they pay road taxes or entry fees to visit museums or art galleries in that places. Thus government receives money in the form of tax. For example, accommodation and food items are arranged for travelers to make their stay comfortable. They are taken charged for such kind of arrangements, which is conducive to increasing the government’s income.

In conclusion, it is clear that traveling has made the journeys of people comfortable and easier. With the help of flights, trains people visit different places and remove their culture shock by attending their rituals. Besides, government enhances its economy by taking taxes from travelers.

Sample 2:- Nowadays It Is More Convenient and Easier for People to Travel

From ancient times, traveling has become the most important part of globalization, and nowadays, people can visit any country without any restrictions. From my point of view, there is a number of positive development rather than negative ones, firstly, it helps with economic growth and secondly, learning about new culture and lifestyle.

To begin with, development is the main key source of economic growth. To elaborate, for the development of any country, economic sources always come into the picture. If countries are well-established with a number of tourist places and adventures hub, then it will attract more and more people to visit. For example, Singapore is the most popular tourist country among others because it offers easy and low-cost visas with a number of tourist attraction places, which support a total of 17% of the gross earning of this country.

Furthermore, other opportunities to learn about different cultures, traditions, and lifestyles. Moreover, this type of freedom of traveling offers a chance to learn deeply about other cultures and traditions. In addition, we also learn about technologies that help to simplify our daily routine life. Indeed, most western countries opt-in for Indian culture. Apart from their cultures, they love to join Indian culture too, and they love to enjoy Indian food, cloth, etc. These all are possible due to this freedom of traveling.

In conclusion, the removal of barriers to travel around the world has not only boosted the economic earning era with it helps people to learn and know about each other culture.

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