Nowadays More and More People Decide to Have Children Later in Their Life

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Nowadays, more and more people decide to have children later in their life. What do you think are the reasons for this? Do the advantages of the trend outweigh the disadvantages?

Sample 1:- Nowadays More and More People Decide to Have Children Later in Their Life

In this modern era, the majority of Couples prefer to have children in their later years of life. This essay intends to analyze the reasons behind this development. While there are several advantages associated with this trend, the disadvantages are far more.

To begin with, there are two main benefits of Conceiving babies in later life. The prime advantage is that people can enjoy their life more with each other, and can able to know about one another. In this way, their mutual understandings become stronger, and they enjoy the time they spend with their young ones.

Securing the future is another significant reason. Individuals, at first, want to be financially secure in order to fulfill the desires of their families. It consumes a lot of time to get a Job in this Hyper Competitive era. That Is why they delayed having infants. Moreover, after becoming self-dependent, both gender can give a bright future to their Children. For example, parents would be Capable of enrolling their children in schools where they get good Quality education and learn other Skills meanwhile, which are not available in all schools.

However, the drawbacks can not be underestimated. The main problem caused by giving birth later is related to the fertility of both genders. After a certain age, sometimes their fertility rate starts decreasing, due to which they face difficulties in conceiving babies, and pregnant women require special care. Not only this, many females are prone to death because of their lack of physical ability to give birth to a child. Also, a study shows that children who are born in later years are often born with some abnormalities, either in terms of physical or mental. As a result, they face problems to survive in this world.

In conclusion, although there are various merits of giving birth to a child, a single disadvantage is more dangerous for both mother and child as they are sometimes prone to death.

Sample 2:- Nowadays More and More People Decide to Have Children Later in Their Life

Planning to have a baby is the most precious part of a married couple’s life. Nowadays. A number of people are giving preference to having children later after marriage. I believe that this trend has more advantages than loopholes.

To begin with, the main reason for this trend is that most people are working nowadays, they want to achieve all the luxurious facilities in their life and the same they want to give to their children in future. Moreover, a couple invests their entire budget to secure their parents and dependents for a better future. There are several advantages to it; firstly, they can give enough financial support to their children for future study. Secondly, they can deposit some amount for their older age. For example, in the early part of his existence, a person must spend most of the money on developing his own personality and other characteristics in order to be an incredible parent and son.

On the other hand, complications in pregnancy due to health issues, elaborate, humans can lose the opportunity to be fathers and mothers because of deciding to reproduce later. For example, research by doctors has published that due to our current lifestyle and increasing age, there are more chances of getting infertile. Furthermore, people are also losing sexual desire as age increases, which can also lead to infertility.

To conclude, as discussed above, there are a number of advantages rather than infertile a disadvantage for this. But now the technologies are getting advanced day by day and we can you that to get a baby.

Sample 3:- Nowadays More and More People Decide to Have Children Later in Their Life

In recent times, it is said that more people decide to have more children at an older age. This essay will discuss the reason why this is prevalent and also state some merits and demerits associated with it. The essay will be concluded by stating whether the advantages surpass the disadvantages or not.

To begin with, having children is a decision that couples should look into before concluding to have one either at the early stages of their lives or at a later stage. I believe the major reason more people make up their minds to have children later in life is for companionship. The fear of being alone after one’s spouse is dead has made people reconsider having kids at a much older age. Since children are a lifelong investment and will mostly be there for you, especially when you need someone to talk to and take care of you when you are well stricken in age prompts them to make this decision. For example, most people without children are mostly sent to adult homes when they get old. On the other hand, people with children are mostly looked after by their kids in old age.

Furthermore, the demerit of having a child at a later point in life can be devastating. Some people only decide to have kids due to societal pressure or peer pressure. Our society today sees couples without children as incapable, and there is this stigma on them that either of the couple has fertility issues or the wife is barren, whereas it was a decision not to have kids. Consequently, they may be forced to have kids they do not want, and this leads to maltreatment, abandonment, and lack of love for the child. Also, taking care of a child requires a lot of effort, and having advanced in age before having one does not help since the strength and agility of the couples would have diminished.

Conclusively, though having children is a blessing, I believe having them later in life might be a curse since the disadvantages outweigh the advantages.

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