Nowadays More People Are Travelling to Other Countries: Writing Task 2

Nowadays more people are travelling to other countries. Why is this happening? Is it a negative or positive development?

It goes without saying that an international country has ample assets for being a commuter and exploring numerous distinct locations. The growth of passengers willing to travel to other nations rapidly surged. In my opinion, there is a positive potential is a rise in a middle-class income and for the community. However, I will discuss this view in the light of several factors before a reasonable conclusion is drawn.

The first and foremost reason is that overseas trips play an essential role in the lifestyle of individuals, which they are able to obtain several exposers and get a chance to interact with numerous cultures and become familiar with various aspects at the same time. In other words, discovering more details about the infrastructure of other countries and civilisation gives compensation for engaging with residents of the new destination for their traditions, thus leading to a few majorities who are willing to move up abroad for a study purpose has the widest range of options about the history of that country, so in that case, those learners enhance their knowledge and life inappropriate manner. For instance, last year, in 2021, Canada released a report about international students and Visitors gradually increasing for wealthy sources of knowledge and practical education. To add to it, many people want to learn more about the history of a specific nation, which belongs to their past time. As a result, individuals are more ambitious to interact with the soil of other countries.

Another reason is that individuals get attracted towards the nation for a better way of living lifestyle. Most countries offer tremendous alternatives. Such as convenient job, better education and good investments plan in favour of commuters. Put in other words, international trips create humongous carrier opportunities among job seekers with handsome amenities. For instance, Australia recently opened a work visa with fewer requirements, which leads to full-fill the desires of visitors inconvenient way. In addition, the government of other nations reduce their taxes and fares and grants a proper possible range of packages, which they easily prefer with the intention of a trip. Whereas today, the average employee can save up and be interested in seeing the wonders of the world and get electrified experiences and identify the ground reality of the outer world.


To put it in a nutshell, I pen down saying that the international visit is a byproduct of the modern age and people should be grateful for its possibility. Therefore, being a commuter leads to an abundance of positive development in the drag race of humans.

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