IELTS Speaking Test Part 1 ( Being in a hurry ) Questions With Answer

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IELTS Speaking Test Part 1 (Being in a hurry ) Questions With Answer. These are the IELTS Speaking part 1 Topics and Questions on general topics about your life. Your answers will be from your life and experience.

IELTS Speaking Test Part 1 ( Being in a hurry ) Questions With Answer

Question 1. How often are you in a hurry?

Answer 1:- Very quite often, I hurried in my life. Most of the time, I show some patience, and I think this patience is the right key to solving all the issues easily.

Answer 2:- Well, in a lot of situations well I being a part of a hurry in day to day life such as, I leave for the workplace while commuting errands and try to catch a means of public transport.

Question 2. Do you like doing things quickly?

Answer 1:- Definitely, when I have been assigned a task, I try to complete it as soon as possible. It is my basic character. Apart from this I think, people those who are lazy always lagging their immediate work felt hurry.

Answer 2:- Yes, definitely I like to do all the things in a proper manner and quickly because I want to save my time for further tasks, which also gives me more attention and gives a proper focus on the work.

Question 3. What do you often do in a hurry?

Answer 1:- Whenever I am in a hurry initially, I try to understand the issue or work. After that, I closely examined particular issues and then I tried to complete the work without fail. In addition, I always try to complete every task without any errors.

Answer 2:- Well, first of all, I organise myself with possible shortcuts, and I also reduce the time frame from my schedule and postpone some sort of plans to possible upcoming hours, so that kind of things I mainly do when I have some sufficient time.

Question 4. What helps you to finish things quickly?

Answer 1:- There are a couple of things that helped me to complete the task without any errors. Firstly, understand the whole process and secondly, how to tackle the situation in some easy ways. Furthermore, I am an optimistic person, and it helped me to end up things successfully.

Answer 2:- Well, there are lots of assets that help to finish my things; first of all, I always follow my well-organised timetable to complete the process on time, and I also use my phone and stopwatch.

Question 5. When was the last time you did something in a hurry?

Answer 1:- Very recently, I had made breakfast within 15 minutes. Due to some unavoidable circumstances, I have to complete my breakfast in a limited amount of time.

Answer 2:- So it was college time when I had not completed the presentation in the appropriate time frame, which eventually led to me getting unsatisfied marks, so that was a time when I felt embarrassed in front of my parents and teachers.

Question 6. What did you do? Why did you do it in a hurry?

Answer 1:- On that day, I was too busy with some family and official commitments. So, I do not have much time to spend on detailed cooking and eating. I had completed both tasks limited amount of time.

Answer 2:- Well, there were a few reasons why I wasn’t completing the presentation at that time. I was gone for a live concert by my fav singer, so I had a limited time and tried to copy all the assignments from the Internet, but I dropped that idea.

Question 7. Do you like to finish things quickly?

It depends upon the situation. Very few of the tasks are time-consuming, and others are not. So, we need to complete both tasks without fail.

Question 8. What kind of things do you never do in a hurry? Why?

Answer 1:- There are quite a few things I was not able to do, hurry burry. They are driving, bathing and doing some serious official work.

Answer 2:- I would never drive in a hurry as it can result in a serious accident and can put my life and others on the road in danger.

Question 9. Is it good to be always in a hurry?

Answer 1:- Not exactly. There are both pros and cons because of urgency. The immediate benefit is we have to save our time and money.

Answer 2:- Yes, sometimes it is good to be in a hurry but not every time because a hurry leads to some major consequences such as accidents and forgetting crucial essentials while boarding.

Question 10. Why do people make mistakes when they are in a hurry?

Answer 1:- When people are in a rush, the only moto in their mind is complete the task within a limited amount of time. So, there is a huge space for panic and making mistakes.

Answer 2:- Well, a lot of mistakes which people make in their day to day life sometimes they forget their documents while boarding in planes and fail to concentrate on what they are doing their focus on completing the task rather than doing it effectively.

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