Describe an old person you know who you respect/ admire

# Describe an old person you know who you respect/ admire

  • Who the person is
  • How you know the person
  • What kind of person he or she is
  • And explain why you respect/ admire the person

Sample Answer

The old person I respect is Mr. Joginder Singh, an 84 years old man from Moga. He is an active and kind man. I respect him for what he does. He is an ordinary person, yet he has been doing an unusual thing. After he retired, he volunteered to offer help to children of poor families in my hometown, which he has been doing for the past 22 years. We became friends when he paid a visit to my primary school about 12 years ago.

I remembered the day when I was called into the Teachers’ Office, where I was introduced to him. He made friends with me because of my handwriting on the school show window. He told me he was impressed by that. He is a friend who is as old as my grandpa, so I called him grandpa. He paid a visit to my home once, during which he told me who he was and the meaningful thing he was doing.

He was sad about reading the news that children in my hometown dropped off school because they lost their parents, or their parents were disabled. Then he made up his mind to sponsor the unlucky children.

He contributed his pension and the donation he collected, stuff like clothing and stationery, to children he funded, while he himself living very simply. At that time, I actually didn’t quite understand how he could do the selfless thing like that.

But I liked him for his kindness. We wrote to each other for a year since then. However, I lost contact with him when my family moved to another city. Not until a year ago I read news about people in a village holding a birthday party for him then did I know that he’s been a well-known good man in my hometown. He’s the first person in my life who showed me sincere help to others. He’s a friend who I always admire.

Follow Ups

Question: In India today, what are the living conditions for old people like?
The living condition of the old in India has improved a lot. The state government has developed a national welfare system for the old, and the old even in the countryside can receive a monthly allowance. Also, many policies and measurements have been carried to improve old people’s life, such as the free classes, which make their life colorful. Many old people develop a new interest and make new friends.

Question: Why do old people enjoy live longer than in the past?
Enjoying good living, people now can have nutritious food since their birth, so they are physically healthier. Having received an education, people know the importance of keeping a healthy lifestyle, and many people give up drinking or smoking for the sake of being healthy. Besides, the standard of health care has improved a lot in the past years, and people can get scientific and efficient treatment when they are sick. All those contribute to people enjoying a longer life.

Question: What are some things a person can do to help them live longer?
People can do many things to help the old. First of all, people should spend more time with their parents. Too many old people, the happiest thing is to have the company of their children. Being in a good mood can make them live longer. Besides, living with their children or others, they can be better-taken care of, and they can get in time help if they fall ill. What’s more, people working in the Nursing House should treat those lonely old people as their relatives. It’s sad for them to stay in the Nursing House, but the work of young people there can make the old feel at home and happy.

Question: Do old people in India have opportunities to attend any forms of classes?
Yes, in many cities, old people can attend various free classes. Those who are interested in history can enroll in a history class. Those who are in love of music can take up singing or dancing classes, and there are traditional singing and national dancing available. Those being fond of exercise can take part in aerobics or Indian classic dance. Everyone can find something interesting to learn.

Question: Who pays for these classes?
Those classes are usually provided by the government. In the past, many people cannot adjust to their life after retirement, for they have nothing to do to kill time, especially for those people who have no personal interest. The government has spared much effort in promoting old people’s life, and free classes have been introduced to make the old occupied. Doing what they are interested in makes their life happier and more colorful. Besides, more companies now donate money to help improve the classes.

Question: Do you think the government has a responsibility to provide these classes?
Yes, I think so. The old citizens have made their personal contribution to society, and it’s time for them to enjoy their life after their retirement. The government is responsible for taking care of the well-being of all its citizens, the old included. Besides, as the old been under good care, the younger need not worry about their parents, in this way, they can spare more effort in their work, contributing to their country.

Question: Do you think we (younger people) can learn anything from old people?
Yes, of course. Old people have much life experience. They have obtained much while losing much during their past life, and they are much clearer of what is special and deserves to fight for. So we can learn from the old how to deal with the gain and lose in life. Another thing we should learn from them is how to care for others. There are happy old couples who’d be together for decades, and they are living encyclopedia of how to cope with quarrel and fight in the family.

Question: Are the attitudes of young people today towards old people the same as they used to be years ago?
Generally speaking, young people nowadays still respect old people as people did in the past. Old people are the symbol of wisdom for their life experience. However, part of young people to ignore the valuable experience of the old, since the society is developing rapidly, much of the working experience of the old is no longer useful. Yet, young people will
always realize that there are so many for them to learn from the old.

Question: What work (if any) is suitable for old people and what work is unsuitable for them?
I think old people are suitable to take care of the kids. Nowadays, young couples are busy with their work, and they don’t have much time to look after children. Those old people, if physically capable, are surely the best ones to take care of their grandchildren. However, some manual work is unsuitable for them to do, for example, carrying a box of water to upstairs.

Describe an old person you know who you respect/ admire

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