One of Your Colleagues Is Leaving His/her Job: GT Writing Task 1

One of your colleagues is leaving his/her job. Your manager has asked you to arrange a leaving party for him/her. Reply to your manager. In your letter you should:

  • suggest a suitable day and time for the party?
  • recommend a venue/place?
  • describe the food and entertainment options available?

Dear Sir,

I am writing in response to your previous letter, which stated that it is my sole responsibility to organize a farewell party for Sam in accordance with his resignation from our workforce. I am humbly obliged with the responsibility, and I assure you that I will make it a remarkable and memorable day for Sam.

Let me briefly elaborate on my thoughts. The last working day for Sam falls on 13 May, Friday. Therefore, we can celebrate his farewell on the same day at evening 7 PM post our working hours. Furthermore, Sam has told me during our client visit to Sydney that he is fond of Italian and Japanese cuisine. Thus I decided that we could go to the Le Italia restaurant, which is located in the downtown area.

Additionally, they serve scrumptious and mouth-watering recipes of pasta and pizza, and I anticipate that each and everyone will have a feast. I can request the manager of the concerned hotel to make arrangements for dance and if time permits we can play a quiz. Sam is also an excellent singer, and hence, we can inform him to end the day with a piece of live music.

Please let me know if any modification is required, and thank you for the wonderful opportunity.

Yours faithfully,


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