Describe Your Favourite Singer

Describe your favourite singer

  • How do you know this singer?
  • What is this person like?
  • Do you think he/she is good?

Sample 1

I came to know of this singer, who goes by the stage name Post Malone when I was surfing the internet for new music’s on-trend, and his name was very weird to me, so I decided to download his song, which was among the songs trending at that moment titled Goodbyes, and this song really touched me that I had to listen to it day in and day out during all my chores and even before I go to bed.

So I had to take the time and download most of his songs, and I came to really like this guy. I followed him on the various social media handles so I could get all notifications on whatever was going on around him. He is a very open guy, and I also know him to be respectful; he has a very nice voice that makes each and every song of him that I have listened to sound very great in your ears.

He is a very good singer to me. Because he has so many awards and also have many collaborations with most of the renowned singers around the globe, too, which makes his songs very diverse all the time and worth listening to over and over again.

Sample 2

Although there are a plethora of singers are my favourite, and I would like to depict one singer amongst all singers. Besides, my favourite singer is Shreya Ghoshal. When I was younger, I used to listen to her songs, and I knew her by one of the movies which I watched. She sings songs in the movies, so from there, I came to know her voice and thereafter, a few years later, I saw her at the music concert where I was thrilled after seeing her. From my perception, she is a good singer irrespective of their personal life. I know her as a professional singer in which she is awesome. I can’t judge a person. You know, everyone says they don’t judge a book by its cover. To cut a long story short, she is one of my fav singers ever.

Follow-ups of Describe Your Favourite Singer

Question 1:- What do you think about the role of singers on the national level?

Answer 1:- Singers at the national level in the first place becomes a very prominent figure since their songs are almost played in every home, so these singers are supposed to bring out songs that give advice and motivation to each and everyone and especially to the youths, so they get to know how to live their life in the right way and avoid going array.

Answer 2:- Frankly, every individual will have a special role nationwide whereas the role of singers is based on their performances and everyone likes music which gives relaxation and relieves mental stress.

Question 2:- What qualities do you find in a singer to feel associated with?

Answer 1:- For me, to feel very attached to a singer, I first look at the type of songs this singer usually does. The voice of this singer and also the advice and motivations that I am able to take from those songs.

Answer 2:- Majorly patience and loyalty towards others I have observed in most of the singers and I like them the most.

Question 3:- Do you prefer live performances?

Answer 1:- Live performances are very good to me. It is a great source of releasing stress after days off from work, and it helps us to see our favourite personalities and even get the chance to take pictures with them and also get autographs from them.

Answer 2:- As an experienced person, I would definitely say no because in live performances we cannot even enjoy or listen to the songs properly due to the overcrowd so basically I prefer to listen alone or with family.

Question 4:- Have you met any singers? If given the opportunity, whom will you meet?

Answer 1:- I have not had the opportunity to meet with any singers personally since they are always paid to perform at a particular concert or occasion. And it is at this concert that we will get to see them only performing and it is even hard to meet them personally at such events. But at the moment, I would really love to meet Alessia Cara, the young Canadian singer. I really like her and would be very glad to meet her.

Answer 2:- Yes, I met most of my favourite singers during the events like marriage events, birthday events like many. I want to meet the AR Rehman, who is the most dedicated musician ever in India.

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