One of Your Friends Invited You for A Meal with His/her Family in Their Home

One of your friends invited you for a meal with his/her family in their home. You enjoyed the meal and had been happy to be introduced to his/her family. Write a letter to your friend. In your letter,

  • thank your friend and say that you enjoyed the meal
  • say what else you liked about this visit
  • ask your friend to meet you someday at a restaurant

Dear Guri,

Great to talk to you so soon. I couldn’t stop myself to write you a thank you letter for inviting me to dinner yesterday’s night. I really felt at home, and I was glad to meet your family.

To be honest, It’d been a great feast. The food was delicious, especially lentil curry and rice pudding after taking dinner proved the icing on the cake. I’d crave eating such kind of traditional food for a long time. Your mother will tantalise my taste buds with her imaginative pizzas that she promised to make on my another visit.

On top of that, the garden near the entrance of your house has a picturesque view. It compelled me to click some photos there. I was thrilled to take a luscious dinner there. The lighting on the trees and a fountain in the amid of the garden really made my day.

Will you join me on any day at HMT Hotel, which is renowned for its good services? I’d like to invite you and your other family to a small party, which I am going to organise there. I opine that such kinds of meetings are essential for collecting sweet memories. On that day, you will also meet my family, and it’ll be an initiative to develop friendship between two families.

I am hoping to see you soon!

Yours loving,


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