One of Your Friends Wants to Apply for A Job Involving Working: GT Writing Task 1

One of your friends wants to apply for a job involving working with foreign teenagers. Write a letter of recommendation for him/her. In your letter you should say:

  • how long you have known your friend?
  • something about your friend’s personality?
  • and explain why you think your friend would make a good employee?

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing this letter with the notion of recommending my friend for a position which is vacant in the English department. Luckily, my friend Sam, who is migrating to Sydney next week, is interested in joining us, and he would be a suitable employee as he has great experience and knowledge in the respective field and also his massive coordination with adolescents.

We were neighbours during my childhood days, and we went to school and college together. Fortunately, during a placement drive which was organized by our university, we were recruited by the same educational institute. Thus we worked in the same school for nearly three years. Later on, we were transferred to different regions.

Additionally, my peer is caring and highly talented with excellent knowledge of teaching practices. He constantly motivates and encourages his pupils in various subjects. He also volunteers to extend his working hours to provide guidance to them. Similarly, many people are fond of his personality, and the management is often surprised regarding his dedication to his profession. I vehemently believe that he would be an amazing fit to compensate for the available position.

Thank you for your consideration.

Yours faithfully,

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