Oxygen is getting frail day by day. it is difficult to breathe the contaminated air.what are the reasons for this serious problem?give some solutions to eradicate it.

Oxygen is getting frail day by day. it is difficult to breathe the contaminated air.what are the reasons for this serious problem? give some solutions to eradicate it.


There is no doubt that man has achieved vast success in every field of life with the advent of technology.but it gave birth to certain problems for society and air pollution is one of them.oxygen, the lifeline of a man is contaminated every day and one feels difficult to breathe even.it has enormous causes. the causes and possible solutions to eradicate this problem will be discussed in the upcoming paragraphs.

The first and foremost reason behind this is that the population is increasing day by day and everyone wants to have his own vehicle. this leads to the emission of harmful gasses on the roads like carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide which decreases the quality of air.the other thing is industrialization which results in spoiling the air to a great extent.to set up new factories and build houses for the increasing population, more and more trees are cut down which are the unique source of oxygen. moreover, there is a race between different nations to go ahead in possession of more and more nuclear weapons. one cannot forget the nuclear bombing on japan’s two cities Hiroshima and Nagasaki by America and people are still affected by diseases due to contaminated air.

There are a number of solutions among which aforestation is most important because trees absorb harmful gasses from the environment and help to clean the air.one can kill two birds with one stone because by growing trees one can not only decrease air pollution but control global warming also. furthermore, folks of the nation should use public transport and this thing decreases the traffic on the roads as well as pollution. another solution is the factories should be set up in the remote areas away from the residential places. people should use renewable sources of energy like the solar system and it also helps in decreasing the contamination of the air.

In conclusion, nature is the precious gift given by God and it is the duty of every individual and nation to protect it and make the surrounding clean and green.

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