Parents are the best teachers

Parents are the best teachers. Do you agree or disagree with the statement? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer

Obviously, the first teachers we have in our lives in most cases are our parents. They teach us to speak, walk, ride a bike, behave ourselves, etc. From my everyday experience and observation, I can totally agree with the statement that parents are the best teachers. In the following paragraphs, I will try to support my answer with some reasons and examples.

First of all, I would say that parents are our very first teachers. They with great patience pass down the essential knowledge that we need in order to join “the real world”. Children often copy their parents’ habits and traits because children are sure that parents do only the right things. Often children’s first wish is to be like their mother or father. Parents are the best teachers because they wish their children success and they do not teach them bad things.

However, in order to succeed in today’s world children need more than just to know good manners and be able to read and write. They need real teachers who would teach them logic, mathematics, literature, foreign language, management, etc. Moreover, they need to communicate with children of the same age. Adolescence is a period when children learn more from their friends than from their parents. At this age, many young people reject their parents’ advice and warnings. They begin to learn from their own experience, make conclusions and analyze their first mistakes. It is very important for parents in this period to be supportive and patient. Children may slam the door and refuse to do some things because they want to feel independent.

Another important aspect of this is that parents are the first people who must warn their children about the danger of drugs and cigarettes and how to avoid and say “No” when they need to. In the modern world, parents must talk with their children about everything because it can save their life and make them happier. So, the role of parents is really important because it gives the strength and understanding of the real world.

In conclusion, I think that parents are the best teachers because they give their knowledge that can not be taken from books when it needs to be known by children.

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