Describe a party that you joined

# Describe a party that you joined

You should say:

  • When it took place.
  • Where it was.
  • Who were there?
  • What you did, I hear.
  • And how you felt about the party.


I’m going to tell you about a New Years Party. I went about two weeks ago now. Since I don’t much enjoy crowds on New Year’s Eve, I thought of just staying at home and watching movies. However, my friends convinced me to come to their party, which I was hesitant about since the party only included couples and myself.

Anyway, I went, and it turned out being fun! We started the evening by going out to a Japanese restaurant for sushi. It was delicious! After this, we went back to my friend’s house for the party. We drank wine, smoked hookah, and played board games until we finally reached the time to do the countdown. We, of course, had a glass of champagne ready for when the clock struck midnight. Followed by the cheers, everyone turned to their significant other for the first kiss of the New Year, except me, of course.

All in all, I had a pretty lovely time at this party. As I’ve gotten older, I enjoy low- key social events more than big, crowded parties, so this was ideal for me. I liked sitting around drinking and smoking hookah and conversing. Additionally, the food was, and my friend sat out some tasty snacks at his houses, such as cheese, crackers, and olives. This beats staying at home by myself! Even as the only single, I had a great time.


What are the things the old and the young like doing in their free time?

Many older adults spend their leisure time indoors, sitting down, reading a book or resting; or they might go outside for a brisk walk in the evening. Many of them enjoy watching TV or knitting. Young people, on the other hand, enjoy a variety of things. Many do the same things I mentioned that older adults do, but in my opinion, there are many more options available if you are young. You can play sports, go clubbing all night, participate in extreme sports like bungee jumping or sky diving – that might give an older person a heart.

Should parents spend much money on children’s party?

I guess it should depend on the financial budget of the family and the importance of the birthday party. If a family is well-off, splurging more on a grand birthday party for their beloved son won’t matter a big deal, especially if it marks a milestone in their life. Having said this, those from less advantaged family backgrounds should weigh the pros and cons carefully before throwing a party for their kids, as this can make an inroad into their monthly income; so a small and cost party enough.

Why some people dislike attending parties?

People are increasingly on the going land can hardly manage time for drinks or parties as they are overly occupied with a work-related matter. Given this, a 2- hour wedding reception party, for example, can take away their precious time for work, making them delay their progress. Besides, some families fire running short of cash to cover the expenses for attending parties, so every time there’s a wedding invitation, they’re often Worried and helpless.

Why do people throw parties?

Parties are a right occasion for reunion and bonding A fact is that people in modern society are up to ears with their work and can hardly manage time for socialization, so attending parties can be a golden opportunity to catch up on what is going on with their friends whom they may not have met for ages. Secondly, parties often annoy a milestone in an individual’s life and record memorable experiences the host has with his friends and family. After all, parties can have a meaningful role to play in our life.


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