Talk About One of Your Childhood Toys.

Talk about one of your childhood toys.

Sample Answer:-

Well during my childhood, I had played with a number of toys. It included teddy bears, aeroplane, cars, and so on. But here I would like to talk about my favourite toy a doll. It was a Barbie doll and my elder brother give it to me as a birthday gift. I describe it briefly.

Actually, when I was a kid of 8 years, my elder brother give me a gift On my 8th birthday. What happened exactly?

My parents organised a birthday party for me and they invited all near and dear ones. Specially, they invited to my elder brother named “preet” as a special guest.

On that time, he came to India from Australia because living there since his childhood. So, he became part of my birthday party.


Talk about one of your childhood toysDuring this birthday party, he gave me a gift. It was packed in a box with the colorful paper on it. After cutting the cake, firstly, I opened his gift. I saw a beautiful doll in it.
That doll had made of plastic. It weared a beautiful pink gown. Also, it had a violin in its hands. Looking like a living thing.

Apart from it, the music system was also available in it. There was a switch on its neck from where I could able to play the recorded music in it. We could also insert a memory card in it after recording music according to our own choice.

To add to it, this Barbie doll was able to walk with the help of battery in it. I just needed to switch on it and it started walking.

More over, when I Showed it to all guests there, they also give me compliments about this beautiful gift. I said thank you to my elder brother. I think that it was my favorite doll during my childhood.

All in all, on that time, I opened every person’s a gift who ever gave me gift during my birthday party. But this Barbie doll attracted me so much. So it was my favorite toy.

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