People Living in The 21st Century Have a Better Quality of Life than Those in Previous Times

People living in the 21st century have a better quality of life than those in previous times. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Sample 1 People Living in The 21st Century Have a Better Quality of Life than Those in Previous Times

Nowadays, people’s quality of life has tremendously improved compared to the previous centuries. The essential factors for this change are advancements in technology, improved infrastructure and various initiatives taken by the government to bring up citizens’ living standards. In my opinion, I strongly agree with this statement.

Admittedly, the upgraded infrastructure helps people lead a quality living. Better transportation facilities which were enhanced through technological advancements, have reduced travelling time to a great extent and improved the connectivity between various destinations. Such conveniences were not benefited by the people who lived some decades ago. For example, in the past, people spent months on sea voyages to commute to another country, but now it takes only a few hours to reach any corner of the world thanks to the high frequency of air flights. In addition, the condition of the food is being constantly monitored by the government in order to cater better quality food to every citizen. Still, some argue that the food consumed by our ancestors was more nutritious than now.

Furthermore, the development in medical services aided people to live longer, and various threatening diseases can be easily identified and cured as a consequence of advanced technological methods and innovative devices. For instance, the fatality rate of infectious viral infections such as measles and polio was significantly higher in the previous century, however, nowadays, these are entirely eradicated from the planet. While newer diseases continue to emerge from time to time, modern medicine can cure many of them, improving humankind’s quality of life.

In conclusion, humans in the modern era are experiencing a superior aspect of life to the ones who lived in previous centuries. Undoubtedly, as technology grows, there have been constant developments in every field to make living more manageable and more pleasant for everyone.

Sample 2 People Living in The 21st Century Have a Better Quality of Life than Those in Previous Times

Undoubtedly, the living standard of people changed with the advancement of technology. Although it has some grave repercussions for health; however, in the high-tech era, the community has improved the quality of life than in the ancient world. I agree with this notion along with I will elucidate my views in the forthcoming paragraphs.

To commence with, there are enormous amenities for the masses in the modern world, but the predominant one is the Internet and education. To elaborate, institutions and businesses are using computers to get daily experience, making work very manageable. Furthermore, society is also informed due to smartphones because the Internet is available. Apart from it, the education sector has improved since students are used to it and do not need to wait for teachers if they confront difficulties. They access knowledge from Google and other apps. For instance, yale university observed that 70% of learners are ahead of primitive time. Hence, it might lead to more independent lifestyles and education in the world.

To strengthen the further views, in the past, people lacked knowledge regarding the Internet, and growth was stagnant. To eclipse it, ancient mortals wrote letters to relatives. They waited a long time for an answer which affected communications as possible as there were fewer opportunities to achieve their ambitions at the proper time. To cite an example, research done by Kenyatta university shows that 20% of people in 1000 are not able to use phones and the Internet. Therefore, at that time, limited facilities ta get awareness. In addition, a few traditions are still helpful now, which cannot be neglected by technology.

To conclude, although technology is fast growing which leads to a better life and facilitates yet, people have no option due fast pace of life but to agree and learn about it very fast.

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