Describe a Story or a Novel that was Particularly Interesting to you

Describe a Story or a Novel that was Particularly Interesting to you
You should say

  • What story or novel was it?
  • Where did you come to know about it?
  • When did you read it?
  • And Explain how you felt about it.

Sample answer Describe a Story or a Novel that was Particularly Interesting to you

Well, I have always been interested in reading different novels and books because this helps me not only to increase my knowledge about different aspects but also to improve my reading skills. In fact, I have read various novels in my entire life and choosing one is a really daunting task for me; however, after reading this cue card, one novel that came to my mind is “train to Pakistan.”

I read this novel approximately two years ago and found it quite impressive. Actually, this novel was suggested by One of my friends, Rachit. Initially, I thought this was not my type of Novel, But I was totally wrong. After reading A few pages, it grabbed my attention, and I completed it within a week.

‘Train to Pakistan’ is a historical novel written by a great Indian novelist Khushwant Singh. Actually, this novel is based on the Hindu Muslim riots of 1947, which followed the partition of India and Pakistan.

To add to it, the writer mentioned a Small fictional Village in this novel Where Sikhs and Muslims had lived peacefully together for hundreds of years. Along with This, he also described how this partition affected all people who lived over there, and they had to leave their homes to migrate to a safe place to survive.

Moreover, the most exciting part of this novel was the love story between a Main character named Jagga, who belongs to a Sikh family and Nooran, who is Muslim. Both of them lived in the same village, but after the partition of the two countries, they separated. Nooran went to a refugee camp with her family to migrate to Pakistan, whereas her love Jagga left in India.

The real turning point of this novel was when two lovers reunited even after partition because of their love, faith and willpower. Apart from this, this novel also Explained the bitter and Dirty truth of Indian independence, which we called division.

After reading this novel, I felt too emotional and down in the dumps. I went into profound thought about how people survived and faced difficulties at that time.

Overall I found this novel quite interesting because it is a perfect blend of fact and fiction. In short, it is interesting, entertaining and useful to increase my historical knowledge.

Follow-ups Describe a Story or a Novel that was Particularly Interesting to you

Question 1:-What kinds of stories do children like to learn?

Answer – Children like different sorts of stories to read or listen to, for example, fairy tales, stories from the animal kingdom, stories of kings and queens and so on. Top of it, most of the kids love cartoon characters’ stories; in fact, my daughter has a habit of listening to Masha and bear stories every day.

Question 2:- How often do people in your country read novels?

Answer – Well, in my opinion, it depends upon people’s interests. Some people who Have a keen interest in reading they love to read a novel quite often, in fact, every day. on the other hand some people read stories and books only occasionally, for example during their travel and Leisure time

Question 3:- What kinds of novels do older people like to read?

Answer – Older people like to read religious and autobiography novels. Along with this, they also show interest in some fictional stories, but they are more into classic stories; with this help, they can relate And compare themselves With the past. For example, my grandfather Always shows his interest In historical novels.

Question 4:-What is the benefit of listening to stories or reading novels?

Answer – I guess Listening to stories and reading novels both have their own benefits. For instance, listening to Stories becomes us good storytellers. Because it is well said, what we listen to, we convey as it is. On the other side, reading novels helps to boost our knowledge of different aspects. In short, these kinds of activities improve one’s imagination and creativity.

Question 5:- Do you think it is important to read the book before watching the movie version of it?

Answer – No, I don’t think so; if you read the book and then watch a movie, You will not develop your interest in that movie because you know the whole story of what is performed in the film. From my perspective, it is a total waste of time or time-consuming activity to read the book before watching the movie version.

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