People Need to Be Able to Speak More than One Language: Writing Task 2

People need to be able to speak more than one language. Therefore, children should start learning a foreign language as young as possible. Do you agree or disagree?+

Sample 1 People Need to Be Able to Speak More than One Language: Writing Task 2

It is an irrefutable fact that individuals should converse in multiple dialects rather than one language in this contemporary epoch. As a result, kids should pursue learning a foreign dialect right from the early stages of schooling. In my perspective, I vehemently accord with the given assertion, and I will explicate my stance in the forthcoming paragraphs with credible illustrations.

Scrutinising the given statement and elaborating further, it is quite simple for kids to learn an international language. The first and foremost reason behind this is that they have substantial memory power, which makes them grasp the subject comfortably without intense training. They will learn the international language from scratch, such as the alphabet and pronunciation, which will help them to become experts in that dialect shortly. Furthermore, when all the other students are educated in a similar language, they will start communicating in the same dialect. Their linguistic skills are tremendously improved with frequent practice. Hence, children can quickly gain noteworthy knowledge by learning a new subject at an early age.

Probing ahead, nowadays, most universities require their pupils to have a fundamental understanding of one international dialect, which is obligatory. In such scenarios, it is easy for a pupil to get admission into a foreign school when they are well aware of a new dialect. To exemplify, when applying to any college in Germany, pupils must take an examination in German. This test is to judge how well a person can communicate in their native accent upon migration. Additionally, it might be tough for students to grasp new linguistic skills directly at the time of admission, and they might experience problems with fluency. Thus it is beneficial for students at later stages of life when they learn a new linguistic skill during their childhood.

Taking everything into consideration, it is pivotal for kids to learn an international language as early as possible. It makes them understand the basics of communication, improves fluency and is merciful to meet admission criteria for colleges in foreign nations.

Sample 2 People Need to Be Able to Speak More than One Language: Writing Task 2

It is irrefutable that different languages play a significant role in the lifestyle of juveniles for their better future. Children must learn more languages for ample reason and be able to speak several speeches to improve their living standards which tend to earn a better and secure future with numerous opportunities. Therefore, teenagers should like to engage and gives their interest in learning an international tongue. However, I agree with the statement, and I would like to explain it at the right length in the coming paragraphs.

The first and foremost reason is that different modes of speech greatly benefit their living standards. In primary schools, bilingual people tend to have as well as improved memory and mental flexibility, thus leading to the brain of teenagers who perform efficiently and achieve the desirable milestone in their life. Put in other words, studying whatever language is helpful to study the culture of various countries thus lead to students will able to acquire different Jagran with the abundance of vocabulary and tons of speeches ability and way of communication which try to use in their carrier for excellent outcomes. For instance, thousands of students in India are keen to enrol in different language courses to pursue their studies in a foreign university, so they clear the language barrier and become polyglots. Add it, and children also develop cognitive and innovative skills while opting the several languages from their surroundings.

What is more, the mental and physical aspects which kids are more accepted the foreign languages? Thus logical conditions such as learning a new style of words and having a better IQ level obtain the mind more powerful and easy to grasp multi-languages which in as the ability to the stronghold in mind to learn fast. In other words, teenagers’ mind is more creative in their kindergarten time even if they perform and express themselves as much better as compared to an adult, so the student gets to interact with bundles of the language they easily understand the use of speech without any interruption of academic studies. For example, tests conducted on children in those classes in the 6th standard found shocking results that children are more fluent in English at an early age and develop greater bonding with English as they use it in their daily routine.

To conclude, parents and the education system should pay more attention to arranging a better learning environment and put their focus on language classes which they become more superior in their life.

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