Describe an Interesting Conversation You Had With Your Friend L Speaking L Cue Card

Describe an interesting conversation you had with your friend; You should say:

  • Who did you speak with?
  • Where you were?
  • What the conversation was about?
  • And explain why you think it was interesting?

Sample 1

So because of the recent changes in our current Lifestyle, it is it was difficult to meet my friends chance to meet with my friend and is also from my School 2 months back my friend arrived in my town, and we met in a cafe which is one of my favourite places. Because it sells good pastors collected a lot of memories from our childhood and one important event which have taken place and my School was a pot painting competition it is one of the amazing and interesting events in my life. I had one-third prize, and luckily my friend also participated in the same event, and he won second prize in the same competition thought of participating in a similar event together as a team, but we did not get the chance because our exams had started and We moved to different colleges Sachin amazing experience that after meeting with my friend I lord of food photos and posted it on social media it was a really great meeting because I met my friends after a really long time the same situation was to my friend as well because of the recent covid-19 outbreak. It was difficult to make with our friends, and though we were talking Virtually online, we couldn’t get to meet each other personally, so I would prepare to meet friends regularly.

Sample 2

Conversations play a too vital role in an individual life. In our day to day life, we make ample conversations on various topics; here, I would like to share with you one of the most interesting conversations I had with my father about my choice of a university. At that time, I was so confused with a lot of choices that I was totally exhausted. It was a tough decision for me because the university was a turning point for my future career prospect. If I chose the wrong one, I would waste a lot of time and effort. The hardest part, I think, is to balance my possibility to be admitted and my suitability. Moreover, I had chosen a famous and high-ranked university, but I wondered whether I was qualified enough to register for it. After that, it was the first time I had to make such a big decision, and I approached my father, who was dear to me, to ask for advice as he had a lot of experience in every field. After listening carefully to my explanation, he asked me why I chose that university. I told him that I chose the university because I was impressed with its teaching methods and extracurricular activities. Due to some facts, my father has a lot of experience in the time and world. Even in my difficult time, I always try to take help from my father. However, he implied that I shouldn’t worry too much about failure. Instead, I should make a concerted effort to reach the goal I set, and thus, in the end, there would be no regrets. His words inspired me so much that they released all my fears and worries. After this, I was too comfortable with his suggestion and enrolled myself at the university my father suggested for. So that was the conversation I did with my father.

Follow-ups of Describe an Interesting Conversation You Had With Your Friend

Question 1:- How do friends communicate with each other?

Answer 1:- Well, now they are a lot of ways in which people like to communicate with each other. However, nowadays, people are too familiar with the use of social media platforms, and they often like to use Instagram ‎WhatsApp, which brings them closer and also develop a good bond with each other, so many of time youngsters like to stay active on social networking sites, so most of the people like to make a conversation over the phone call so that calling feature as a free of cost, I think this kind of communication barrier which people like to get attached with them so Apart from them, it could be very beneficial for the individual nowadays.


Answer 2:- Friends like to talk to each other over the phone, but once in a blue moon, friends have to meet up regularly and have regular conversations with them to keep their friendship moving forward.

Question 2:- Why is body language important?

Answer 1:- In terms of whole-body language, it could play an integral role in pope life because we can learn a lot of things from body language whenever we meet a stranger for the first time, so they always need to know the value of the body language of another person. Furthermore, that is the first impression people get attracted to watch them, and some of the reasons like to make various gestures to attract the people who also get familiar with them, and We also express our feelings with body language whenever we need to express something like body language so I think it could be a better option.

Answer 2:- In any kind of conversation or discussion, body language is the essential part when we communicate with the other person. It shows how much interest we have in talking to the other person as well sometimes even the formal attire for the entire which shoes to wear when we meet the person tells us a lot more about how much we are interested in talking to the other person.

Question 3:- What’s the difference between having a conversation with a man and having a conversation with a woman?

Answer 1:- Well said, there are a lot of differences I mean to observe between men and women. Moreover, It totally depends on your situation. Men always like to make conversation with a successful man due to their habits. Man keen to gather a several of knowledge about the carrier and men also makes conversation upon honest review of hot political topics. Therefore, sometimes they make conversations about technological and sci-fi related topics, furthermore, in the case of women they prefer to talk about fashionable aspects, nowadays women are too active on Internet, according to the modern lifestyle and I think these kinds of differences we need to observe in the gender.

Answer 2:- Difference is based on Gender because Communication always depends on how a person’s behaviour and attitude. Are we cannot judge a person based on any kind of Gender, and I would say that talking to any person depends on how they talked to a symptom of what kind of, you know, the physical appearances

Question 4:- Do you think women like to chat more than men?

Answer 1:- Well, I don’t think like that. I think she is totally dependent on their own personal life even both gender are equally make conversation as only chat, and a is totally depend on the situation, whenever both always prefer to do a chat while engaging in seminars, office work most of the people like to make a conversation over the chat so I think it could be a better option for people and becoming a popular nowadays.

Answer 2:- Because women and men, we cannot see a major difference in how they communicate because I have a friend who is male, and he tends to talk a lot more than I also has good communication skills when compared to me, thoughts of events and gives teachers he doesn’t have any stage fear so I would think that there is no comparison between a male or female in pounds of Communication.

Question 5:- When men chat with other men do they usually talk about the same things that women do when they chat with other women?

Answer 1:- No, I don’t think so. Is it totally depend on them due to their personal taste? Moreover, a man like to make conversation with their friends and like factors talk about their carrier as well as the future in some kind of situation when people are stuck in a difficult time, and they can’t have a solution, and they always prefer to take. Whereas sometimes men often to making trips over the conversation, in women’s case, they share their personal feelings on particular topics as men do.

Answer 2:- not really, it just depends on who the other person it’s always a myth that women tend to gossip a lot while men talk about practical fat, but in my opinion, men or women having the same gender-based Communication only depends on the person their attitude on how they talk so judging a person saw two peoples Communication on their Gender doesn’t really which I want to think about much

Question 6:- What is the difference between chatting and gossiping?

Answer 1:- Well, a lot of differences are observed between chatting and gossiping nowadays, in the case of chatting we need to send a lot of stickers images along with memories with each other also share our feelings with anyone else in the term of gossip we also like to make a lot of conversation on a particular topic and some time cracks jokes which bring the smile on face. Furthermore, this is a vast difference between chats and gossip.

Answer 2:- There are so many differences between chatting and gossiping, so chatting normally means that when you are trying to talk about yourself and your life and the problems you are facing or something which you want to share with the other person, gossip, on the other hand, means that you want to talk about some random people and judge them based on their appearances and the decisions which they make in their life gossip is acceptable but always having a gossip is definitely not a good idea.

Question 7:- Who do you prefer chatting with – your parents or your friends?

Answer 1:- I always prefer to do a chat with my friends due to some reason, and I have some solid proof because We need to share lots of things at the same time. I have some groups which able to get connected with them, moreover, in my friend circle mostly I share some pictures, sometimes I also share my feelings as well as with the flow of songs so, in the term of parents, I don’t like to chat with them because they also being a part of myself and I spend the whole time with them, so I think chatting with friends is a more beneficial rather than parents.

Answer 2:- With my friends and spending a lot of time with them because since we are all among the same is PVR all experience is experiencing similar problems in our life our attitudes and our mindsets are the same that Rapid easily with our parents because there is a lot of generation gap between their thinking, as well as our thinking but with friends, will easily get along and talk about various things and also help support each other in any kinds of situations

Question 8:- Do most people have just a small number of friends or many friends?

Answer 1:- Well, in terms of the lifestyle of the people, they always prefer a small circle rather than a bigger circle. I think it totally depends on their situation. Moreover, some people like to extend their circle on a large scale and also do extracurricular activities. Moreover, my opinion is that I always believe in quality rather than quantity, and I am always able to prefer a small side of the circle that most people are using.

Answer 2:- It actually depends on one person, and it pens on one person on how they want to have their friends circle. I prefer having a small circle because I tend to share my problems easily with only my close friends rather than having a huge circle and telling all about my problems. We have a small circle. It is easy to get along and meet together. Having a get together is very easy to plan as well.

Question 9:- How do most people make new friends in your country?

Answer 1:- Well, the Majority of people often make new friends with several different options. Moreover, in this modern era, the usage of the social networking site is becoming quite popular for making new friends, so in the term of youngsters often to do a chatting over there and also gets active on social media, which also make easy friends worldwide in a short time of period Apart from them, adults always prefer to make a conversation with their employee and with their colleagues in their surroundings as well, in the term of senior old age people they don’t like to make friends in a large quantity because they already get easily frustrated from the life, and they also have a very good experience and very good bonding with their near and dear ones. Kindhearted and is very helpful in every kind of events I often to take helping hands from them so, thus leads much beneficial for people, whenever we occupied with a large company, sometimes these practices bother tin our life, so I think small circle have a more good experience is rather than a larger circle.

Answer 2:- In India, most people make friends since their childhood in School since most of us are made to perform the same locality, and from the same region they easily talk in their own language and become friends in a very easy way it comes to other cultures people they get to know about their localities and their culture, and they rather tend to adapt with them easily instead of thinking about them in a different way.

Question 10:- What qualities do you think a good friend should have?

Answer 1:- Well, in the term of friendship, I always believe that need is indeed and in the term of qualities, it has no limits, due to abundance of reason, first of all, every friend must have some features like loyalty, honesty and no lies, so I think this kind of quality must-have in people to maintain their standards inappropriate manner so these practices should be beneficial for them so while the making the new friends. At the same time, these qualities make a friendship stronger and unbreakable in the future.

Answer 2:- There are no such qualities which a friend is supposed to have, so I want to tell the basic few things which I would see in my friends. I want my friends to be supportive in my difficult situations, and whenever I call them or ask them for a meetup, I want them to be ready at least possible to meet and talk to me in their own free time, so this actually makes a good friend according to me, but again it depends on one’s own perspective.

Question 11:- Are there any disadvantages of face-to-face conversation?

Answer 1:- Yes, there are some demerits while doing conversion face-to-face because every good thing also has some demerits, so first of all, some people don’t have sufficient confidence and are unable to recognise the facial expression of other people, which also fall in a dilemma how to make conversation in a proper manner so that time they also use some unpleasant words which also not familiar with them which also spoil the friendship. Last but not least. The effort is the main key principle in the term of making a new friend and another thing I also agree with that fluency while the conversation, I think many people can’t recognise the actual word of the person which they willing for.

Answer 2:- Not really having a face-to-face conversation is the most proper way of communicating with the other person. We get to know whether the person is really interested in having a chat with us and they are your behaviour shows us how they think and how they listen to us rather than having a chat online. I would prefer to have a face to face discussion, but because of recent times, it has been difficult to meet friends outside; I prefer to establish a foundation with my friends by meeting them directly.

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