People Now Wear Western Clothes Such as Suits and Jeans Rather than Traditional Clothing

In many countries, people now wear western clothes such as suits and jeans rather than traditional clothing. Why is this the case? Is this a positive or negative development?

It is common to see many people across the globe adopting the western dressing style more than the traditional outfits. I believe that it has both merits and demerits of its own.

One of the significant reasons behind the western dress trends is because people have related this to the modern aspects of living. To be precise, media and the entertainment industries exhibit the trendy and contemporary elements of the western style to the audience so that it advances their thought process, making them adapt to the type of the west and leave behind the traditional look. They also start associating western attire with uplifting their social status and dignity. Some also wear denim and t-shirt as it feels more comfortable and wearable in some physical events like sports, hiking or other outdoor activities. There was some survey done to see the positive side of this trend, people who wear western attire reported that it gives them a sense of confidence and freedom. It has also been seen as a step towards uniformity when the dressing style becomes standard uniform in nature, bringing a sense of equality among people.

On the other hand, the most prominent criticism of adopting this habit is that it can lead to cultural dilution. To explain it further, each culture has its own identity, usually reflected by its dressing style and customs. The intrusion of western civilization would dissolve such unique features. A country like India has North, South, East and West zone states having special dress codes and cultures to follow. Another problem is that the climate would not be suitable for wearing western-style outfits in many geographical areas.


To conclude, it is clear that Social and Individual preferences are the main reasons why a growing number of people prefer western dresses to traditional ones. The trend has both positive and negative impacts when viewed from different angles.

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