Research Indicates that The Characteristics We Are Born with Have Much More Influence on Our Personality

Research indicates that the characteristics we are born with have much more influence on our personality and development than any experiences we may have in our life. Which do you consider to be the major influence?

Sample 1 Research Indicates that The Characteristics We Are Born with Have Much More Influence on Our Personality

Many scientists believe that human personality is highly likely to depend on innate characteristics compared to other life experiences. Although genetics has some effects on our character traits, I believe the experiences of a person will have a greater impact on one’s personality and development.

Undoubtedly, if we could utilize the experience we gain from working or travelling abroad, we would be more mature, open-minded, and self-reliant. For example, whenever we move to a new place, we can learn the cultures and traditions from the locals in order to acquire more information about the lifestyles of others and eventually become more knowledgeable. Besides, we may learn how to respect and not criticize the customs of other religions, which may be slightly or totally different from ours. Doing so can be proved beneficial to us by being able to look at the problems in life from a different perspective.

We may also become more responsible and independent than others if we live in an environment out of our comfort zone. To illustrate, many developed nations like the US have a lifestyle where teenagers by 18 years live separately from their families and support themselves by doing jobs along with studies. They are proven to be able to make more mature decisions independently. Moreover, people who face a lot of hardships in their lives will always have a pearl of wisdom on prudently using resources. For instance, they will organize their expenditure well. In other words, they will not spend money on unnecessary things,

Therefore, it is apparent that experiences gained from various fields in life have a huge influence on one’s personality and development. We will be able to think from different perspectives and make wise decisions if we use the experiences that we gain in our daily lives.

Sample 2 Research Indicates that The Characteristics We Are Born with Have Much More Influence on Our Personality

Undoubtedly, in the contemporary world, numerous research is conducted on alternative aspects of development in the evolution of individuals. Although one invention considered the characteristics which influence personality genetically as much as by birth, few gain knowledge from harsh circumstances and some movements in their life. In the next few paragraphs, I’ll explain the major attribution by conditions and some situations.

To commence with, there are enormous benefits to children born with as much attraction to our personality and improvement. The predominant one is that parents play an indispensable role in the lives of adolescents as they are doing activities in our lives and children are trying in their early years. Moreover, if they spend quality time on social media apps and like to stay alone, guardians will definitely become aggressive in nature, not only when far away from community activities. For instance, it is scientifically proven that the first years are pivotal in enriching and defining our personality hence, how they could cram for it during the early stages, even if unconscious.

To strengthen further views, experience, which access by financial conditions in every family and country as possible, as basic necessities. Children who attained knowledge when they confronted difficulties regarding buying things and saw some situations, such as a guardian who could not fully fulfil their desires due to poverty. These sorts of events influence our behaviour by which we become self-dependent and prefer to be determined at the beginning of the years. To cite one example, Yale University researchers discovered that in China, the majority of children sacrificed academic inducement to work since they were small. Therefore, in that nation, most families have stayed under the red line by which they have the ability to make mature decisions at an early age. In addition, the globe’s population who get experience from events are wiser and might make decisions independently. This tendency brings great opportunities for alternative purposes.

To conclude, although kids born with an influence on their development have an uncountable positive effect on our lives, with the help of experience, they can tackle all the hazards at an early age. Despite this, I firmly believe that children with knowledge can achieve their goals through hard work rather than being influenced by their family genetics.

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