People Now Wear Western-Style Dress Such as Suits and Jeans Rather than Traditional Clothing

In many countries, people now wear western-style dress such as suits and jeans rather than traditional clothing. Why is this? Is this a positive or negative development?

It is seen that in several nations masses currently wear western attires than traditional apparels. Out of many reasons, prevalent fashion, as well as the influence of famous celebrities, compel them to wear western clothes. I think it is a positive development, and the subsequent paragraphs will elucidate the information regarding it.

First off, prevalent fashion is responsible for making people wear western attires. Western clothes are more comfortable and in different designs. So, people think, when they wear western clothes, they feel confident and look up-to-dated. They do not consider them backwards anymore. So, they wear such kinds of apparel. For instance, there are various styles of dresses to wear on different occasions. So, people get tempted by these and purchase western dresses. In a nutshell, western clothes are in vibrant colours and are more comfortable, so it is the choice of every working mother. It is because mothers do not have time to iron the press. So, they consider a top and a Jean is best for her to wear regularly. Thus, such kinds of clothes make them feel lighter, and these mothers do not get late for any of their meetings. So, they prefer western attires.

Furthermore, Nowadays, people are mostly influenced by famous celebrities, which are widely known by their appearance or styles. So, artists personalities influence the people to wear like them. So, they prefer more western clothes. Besides, they consider if they wear clothes like them, they can look dandy, and they will also be popular among people. Therefore, they wear western clothes. Also, to get rid of their old look, western dresses make them feel satisfied. Apart from it, some are entrepreneurs, so they have to deal with foreign clients. Thus to make their deals done and to make others comfortable, they wear western clothes.

To conclude, in consideration of the above analysis, it is true that people wear western clothes because they want to groom their personality as well as follow famous actors and to be like them, they wear western apparel. I think it is a positive development because they feel confident as well as energetic when they wear western clothes.

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