Some Employers Offer Their Employees Subsidized Membership of Gym

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Some employers offer their employees subsidized membership of gym or sports clubs, believing that this will make their staff healthier and thus more effective at work. Other employers see no benefit in so doing.  Discuss both views and give your opinion.

It is universally accepted that as a realm of motivation and increasing productivity, several workers get different proposals from the organization’s end. These officials may not take initiation to how rigorously influence in employee’s life. This situation has both merits as well as demerits, but definitely, the benefits outweigh the drawbacks.

Initially, it is a tactical approach from the end of supreme companies because as a part of various perks and other increment patterns, they deliver such types of affiliations with famous recreational clubs. They believe that employees may be part of these physical bodies; it will enrich employee’s physical conditions and keep them healthy. As an example, the US dominant companies provide yearly membership in Gold Gym for their employees. As everyone knows, they are the best in the market with ultra-modern types of equipment. Furthermore, they can easily reduce exotic medical claims, and they do not take any additional leaves as personal. So, these will help the employers for continuous service of particular employees without any turmoil.

However, it is a squandering way of spending money. Employees are entirely different from each other with their classical behaviours. If some of them may not be interested in certain types of frivolous activities, these perks may not incite them. Moreover, it is appalling wastage of money. Although one can appreciate the reasons why some people would support such measures, they felt hampered after few days, and they quit. In my opinion, as business giants, they can inflame their employees in prolonged roots. Similarly, it is adequate and essential that they have to treat their employees as per their desire.

In conclusion, it is easy to enhance employees in realistic ways. But it is mandatory to bring the requirements for indispensable time.

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