percentages of home schooled students in SomeCountry in 1999-2004 ( test 19)

The table below describes percentages of home schooled students in SomeCountry in 1999-2004. Write a report for a university lecturer describing the information shown.

home schooled students

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This table shows homeschooled students in Somecountry in year 1999-2004 in percenages.

The main trend is that all grades including kindergarten is growing for every year. Kindergarten started highest at 2.4 and ended highest at 2.9 percent with a constant increase. But grades 1-2 and grades 5-6 shows a little different trend, both starts at 1,5 percent in 1999 and declines a little bit in 2000. Both of them increased slowly in 2002 and both it holds that course to 2004 where grades 1-2 ends at 2,1 percent and grades 5-6 ends at 2.6 percent.

Grades 3-4 has a slow but steady growth througt all six years. It starts at 1.6 percent in 1999 and increases 0.1 every year except in 2003 when it peaks up 0.2 percent. Grades 7-8 starts at 1.6 percent and stays there for three years until it rapidly rises up to 2.2 and peaks at 2.5 in 2004.

Overall, all grades including kindergarten has had a rise at rougly minimum 1 percent and more in 6 years.


home schooled students

This is a good report – score 7; here is how you can make it better: the coherence needs improvement, meaning the logical connection between sentences inside a paragraph and between paragraphs. Use more connective words (Furthermore, However, etc).

The groupings you?ve done are fine, but try to use more variations describing those statistics: use words such as numbers, figures, percentages, etc. The grammar and the spelling need some extra attention.plz comment your views

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