wages of Somecountry over a ten-year period.. test 18

The graph below gives information on wages of Somecountry over a ten-year period. Write a report for a university tutor describing the information shown.

wages of Somecountry


The linegraph describes the growth of wages in Somecountry from year 1993 to year 2003.


The growth starts at two percent in 1993, but it doesn’t stay there very long before it rapidly doubles in 1994. Further on, the percentages declines to three percent in 1995, stays steady for year, before it start to rise slowly and ends up just under four percent in 1997. 1998 is the best year where the wages peaked at six percent.

However, after 1998 the wages declines nearly every year. Only a year after , the percentage drops to well under three percent, stays there on roughly three percent till 2000. In 2002 the wages reach the lowest point of just one percent growth. Luckily the growth rises in 2003 at junst under two percent.

Overall, the growth rate in wages in Somecountry has shown striking changes through the ten years.


This is a good report. It covers the task, divided correctly into paragraphs and the vocabulary is just right. Problems: it has less than 150 words (146) and there are some grammatical errors. Assuming the corrections were made, looks like Band 7. plz comment your views


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