Picnic Part 1 Questions With Answer: IELTS Speaking Test

Picnic Part 1 Questions With Answer: IELTS Speaking Test. These are the IELTS Speaking part 1 Topics and Questions on general topics about your life. Your answers will be from your life and experience.

Picnic Part 1 Questions With Answer: IELTS Speaking Test

Question 1. Did you go on a picnic when you were a child?

Answer 1:- Yes, I’ve been to many picnics. Some of the breezes were arranged by the school every year to some resorts, and a few were planned as a family get-together.

Answer 2:– Yes, that is my favourite part, and when I was a toddler, my father always took me out to other various places where we enjoyed a picnic over there, so I always liked to do all these kinds of things in my life, so I had a lot of funny experience about the picnic when I was a child.

Question 2. How often do you go on a picnic now?

Answer 1:- I go for couples of trips and day outings like trekking or hiking but not on a leisure picnic. Yes, we still have family get-together plans to some hill stations and book a villa for a stay.


Answer 2:- For sure, I like to go for a picnic even though it’s my favourite part, and I always do and try to consume my time in other kinds of things like in picnic, and I like to choose some incredible locations, so I think this kind of location is a quite compatible with my lifestyle and I keen to go in a picnic twice in a month…

Question 3. Where do you go on a picnic?

Answer 1:- Usually, we book a villa near some good hill station and spend our day catching up with the extended family members, swimming in the pool and relaxing over the weekend.

Answer 2:- There is some sort of locations which I like to go to for a picnic, but most of the time I always prefer to go to a silent place sometimes I prefer a hilly area, so I think these things are quite compatible with my lifestyle.

Question 4. What is the difference between a picnic and cooking at home?

Answer 1:- Picnic is an outdoor activity we plan to do in some park and cooking is an indoor activity we prefer at home or if we’ve booked a villa. Picnic usually does barbeque or has some ready-made meals like juices or sandwiches and while cooking we prepare various delicacies.

Answer 2:- Even though they are a lot of differences between picnics as well as cooking at home in the term of picnic we also do recreational activities with friends are family members sometimes we play a lot of games at the same time and together but in the term of cooking we like to do make a lot of recipes where we eat various dishes and meals.

Question 5. What activities do you do in the park?

Answer 1:- A Park is the only place you will find it from a young age to old age. It is evergreen for all age groups, I usually go out with my nieces to the park to play outdoor games, but I also accompany my grandfather for a peaceful walk.

Answer 2:- There are tremendous activities which I would like to try in the Park, first of all, I like to do walking and run over there, and every morning I always like to exercise and do yoga sometimes I go to play cricket, and another sport with my friend show me to leave these things I do in the Park.

Question 6. Do people in your country like going to parks?

Answer 1:- Yes, several parks are created in the vicinity of residential areas in India. Kids come to play as there are swings and slides for them, People who follow fitness come for brisk walking and workouts, and older adults go and have a great time meeting other people and spending leisure time.

Answer 2:- Yes, the majority of people like to visit the Park. I think it is kind of vital for every people because today, many people are already busy with their hectic daily schedules. Hence, they always like to visit the Park in the time of evening as well as in the morning so many people want to do every kind of things over there.

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