Describe a place that you would like to visit

# Describe a place (not in your country) that you would like to visit

  • How and when you would go there
  • How you know about this place
  • What the scenery is like in this place
  • Who you would go with
  • and explain why you want to visit it


In the coming month, I’d like to pay a visit to London with my family, and tour along the River Thames where there are lots to see, the famous Buckingham Palace and Big Ben, for example.

Ever since I fell in love with English, I was hopeful to see the country where the language originates and the city where live the royalty. The historical buildings and the unique view there will definitely impress us.

During the one-week journey, though we could not go into the Buckingham Palace for a visit, for it’s said it’s open to the public from July to September, we will surely make it watch the wonderful Ceremony of Changing Guard. Then we will visit Westminster Hall to appreciate St. Stephen’s Porch and grand hall, and we expect to have a chance to go up to the Campanile Bell, to have a look of the whole city.

At night, we prefer to take the well-known London Eye and enjoy the special view over the River Thames. Of course, we will tour around the landmark of England, the Big Ben, which I got to know, at first, from the article in New Concept English, which said it’s renowned the world over for its accuracy, which is always to be within one second, and it’s connected to the microphones of BBC.


We will wait for its striking, which is said can be heard for miles around. It’s a pity that foreign tourists can no longer be allowed to enter the clock building, but I have searched the internet and enjoy the online tour of it. I am looking forward to going to appreciate the
clock in person in the future. I could not wait for the trip to London.

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Question: When people go travelling (as tourists), what do they spend money on?
Tourists will spend a lot of things like fare, accommodation. Of course, they have to pay the fee of visiting or taking part in the place or facilities that are not free. They also have to pay the food while travelling, and more often, people prefer to buy a souvenir, special stuff and product, which may take up a big part of their whole expense.

Question: When people move to another country (migrate to another country), what changes do you think take place in their lives, compared to their lives before they left home?
There will be many changes. First of all, people have to overcome the barrier of language, the obvious challenge to people when they move to another country. Starting life in a new country, people will definitely change their former lifestyle. Then in a new neighbourhood, people will feel uncomfortable living in a new culture which may be totally different from their former one. Not to say that some people may not get used to the food and weather in the new place.

Question: What do you think about children growing up abroad? Do you think children are affected by growing up abroad? How?
I think it’s beneficial for children growing up abroad. One will definitely be influenced by their living surrounding, and take up the value and culture of the local. At the same time, he will compare the culture with that of his own country, which he learns from his family. During the process, he will keep the best part of both cultures. What’s more, they will acquire at least two languages without much difficulty, for they are in use of the languages in daily life, which may be a great help in their work in the future.

Question: What are the benefits of travelling to new places?
Travelling to new places, people can appreciate the unique lifestyle and buildings, enjoying the local landscape and food. Being tired of their daily life, people long for going to some places totally different from their own one, which enables people to forget their worries. Besides, visiting new places broadens people’s horizon, helping people develop an optimistic view on life.

Question: Which places (countries) are Indian people most interested in visiting?
In general, Indian people like to visit places with an amazing and unique landscape. For example, loads of people prefer to visit Mount Fuji in Japan and the Maldives as well. Also,
people would like to pay a visit to western countries, those developing countries, like England and France, whose culture and life are totally different from those in India, which is a great attraction.

Question: Why do many people (i.e. city people) prefer to travel to places of natural beauty rather than travel to another city?
Because people are tired of city life and prefer to get relaxed in nature. Traveling to places of natural beauty enables people to get close to nature and get themselves refreshed, for human will never be dependent on Mother Nature, from whom a human can always get comfort. Besides, cities are getting less interesting. The traditional constructions are disappearing and being replaced by the standard high-rise concrete buildings, making cities
appear to be alike.

Question: What is the landscape like in India?
India is a large country, enjoying about 3.2 million square kilometers. Therefore, the vast area enables India to enjoy various landscapes. In general, in southern India, there is more rainfall, with views relating to water, such as rivers, lakes, and seas. In northern India, however, the area tends to be much colder. and high mountains When covered with snow, it’s one of the most beautiful scenery.

Question: Why do people (humans) like to explore new places?
Well, it’s human’s nature to be curious about new things, so there’s no doubt people like to explore new places. However, not all people have the ability and time to do that. Only a small number of people are capable and persist in doing that. Most people, however, would like to visit places having been discovered by others.

Question: If somebody got lost while exploring or traveling in a remote part of the world, or if they needed some other type of help, who should pay for this help?
In current India, a growing number of people prefer to go hiking or excursion to remote mountains by themselves. Some believe it’s the best way to totally enjoy the beauty of nature. At the same time, they can practice their living ability in nature. However, many inexperienced ones lost their lives in the challenge. In searching for them, the government of the local pay for the rescue expense, which I think should be borne by people themselves. Besides, a policy should be made to inform people of that. In this way, people will think twice before they take action, for they are responsible for their reasonless

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