Popular Events Like The Football World Cup And Other International Sporting Occasions Are Essential

Popular events like the football World Cup and other international sporting occasions are essential in easing international tensions and releasing patriotic emotions in a safe way. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?

Sample 1 Popular Events Like The Football World Cup And Other International Sporting Occasions Are Essential

Many renowned sports events, such as the Football World Cup, Cricket World Cup, and other international sports competitions, are imperative to ease the border pressure. It will also be a way to express patriotic feelings in a safe mode. I agree with the statement because it paves the way to deliver everyone’s devotion towards the nation.

To begin with, every individual has patriotism towards their own country. However, they cannot portray it in public every time, and, moreover, everyone cannot join the army to show it. The one way to explore their flag-waving is through the games. A real-time scenario held in 1983 was a wonderful ceremony where India won the International Cricket World Cup by defeating Pakistan in the finals. That was the first cup for an Indian country, and the whole nation celebrated like a festival by burning crackers, sharing sweets, and so on. In addition to this, on the day of the finals, most of the public did face painting, tattoos, karaoke, and many more. Each person got indulged in the game and exposed their emotions in the stadium, giving a supportive voice to the Indian players.

Furthermore, in many other sports events, such as the Olympics, hockey, tennis, and football, everywhere people support their home country as much as possible. Likewise, they treat athletes as their family members. So, conducting all the international sports events on a decided schedule is necessary. That will be helpful to the audience to give moral support and express their patriotic feelings as this is one secure way of showing their nationalism.

To conclude, patriotism is an in-built function in each and every human blood. The feelings mentioned above are automatically attached to their hearts when they are born. Evidently, games are the only way to deliver patriotic emotions without harming others.

Sample 2 Popular Events Like The Football World Cup And Other International Sporting Occasions Are Essential

In this contemporary era, due to globalization, it is very common to play various sports with other nations’ athletes. One school of thought believes this is pivotal to reducing stress between two nations and giving the players a patriotic feeling, whilst another encounters this. Hence, I partially concur with the laid statement, and the reasons for my inclination are articulated in trail paragraphs.

On the one hand, organizing Such an event requires a hefty amount of money as well as human resources. For instance, if a country wants to celebrate worldсuр, they have to take care of other players’ living arrangements, sports facilities and their families. Thus they have to put a high effort into the success of that event, and it not only requires government money but also the valuable time of citizens. Eventually, this is a bad idea because of time and money.

Nevertheless, the organization of such an event is an important part of establishing relations between two governments. To cite an example, after organizing such events, two or more nations come together and exchange their culture, history, and lifestyle, which is Fruitful to know each other very well. Along with that, ruling parties also talk with each other and try to solve the Country’s problems; resultant, they make good friends with each other, which is beneficial in the future and mitigates the stresses between each other.

In addition, while playing in such an event, sportspeople feel that they are just not only themselves but also the whole Country. So, they feel proud on their selves and give their best in their game. Consequently, it inculcated a patriotic emotion in them.

On close scrutiny, I conclude that organizing the world cup helps to lessen the issues between the two nations and also gives a proud moment for players towards their nations. However, the Country has to look out for their budget.

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