Describe a practical skill you learned.

# Describe a practical skill you learned.

  • What this skill was
  • When you learned it
  • How you learned it
  • And explain why you think it was important?

Sample 1:-

well, I personally believe that learning something is always beneficial. I also have learned so many skill in my life such as- painting, dancing, driving, linguistic skill and so on. however, here I would like to talk about a culinary skill which I had learned when I was only 8 years old.
when I was a kid, I had a great interest in cooking. I was standing in the kitchen when my mother was preparing food for us. then, my mother was started to teach cooking skills to me. I remembered that day when I made a chapatti first time my own. my mother has
good cooking skills and she taught all those skills to me slowly.
I had acquired some basic culinary skills and traditional food recipes from my mother. but I wanted to become professional in it so that I joined an extra cooking course in Chandigarh. I gained knowledge about Indian cuisine, Italian food, Chinese cuisine, and some other styles through this course. apart from it, I also learned some baking technique through the internet or online.
by the god of grace, now I am quite satisfied with me to have this skill. fortunately, I married with a loving and caring person who always support me. he encouraged me to share my skill with others through youtube channel. so now I am running a channel which
name is easy cooking recipes to share my experience and knowledge to others . all in all, cooking is that skill which changes my whole life and now I am feeling proud to gain a name in this field.

Sample 2:-

Well, according to me, practical skill is very important and beneficial for human beings. The number of practical skills is popular such as communication skills, dancing, painting and so on. But here I would like to talk about a practical skill which I had learned when I passed my +2 standard.

Apart from it, two years ago, that time I was free from my work and studies as well, I wanted to learn any new thing. After it, my aunt suggested me to learn about beauty salon skills because she also does work in the same field.

Interestingly, I also showed interest in this skill because I knew some practical skill about it such as bleaching, facial and waxing. But, I wanted to become a professional in it.

Then, that time I searched for the best institution on the internet and, I joined the beauty salon academy which is situated in my home town as well as, this academy provides an international certificate.

With it, I gained full knowledge related to threading, body wax, body massage and, all advance treatment related to hair. Moreover, I also learned something related to this skill with the help of the internet.

According to my point of view, this skill is very important for me because, now I do part-time work in the beauty salon and, I earn a handsome salary.

With it, I am fully satisfied with me to have this skill as well as, I also do my own work at home with the help of this skill.

Followups question:-

Question:- What age will make it difficult for a person to learn a skill?

Answer:- Well, according to my perspectives, no age make difficult for humans to learn a specific skill because a person can only learn skill or thing when she or he wants to learn it. Honesty having no interest is a big complication in learning a skill.

Question:- Will the age of 5or20 be better?

Answer:- Well, every age is good to learn practical skills or other things. For instance, if a child wants to learn to operate new technology such as a computer, video game and so on. Then age 5 is good. But, on the other hand driving a car, stitching the clothes can be learned only during the age of 20.

Question:- Who will you learn a skill from friends, teacher or parents?

Answer:- To be honest, it does not matter who is teaching me? I can learn skills from him or her who know very well about that skill. For instance, recently, I have learned to play a video game from my little niece.

Question:- What is the difference between children learning what they like and learning what they have to learn?

Answer:- Well, according to my point of view, we should not force children to learn a specific skill. we should have to allow their own choice or interest. For example, if a juvenile wants to learn computer operating skills. then, we should not force him or her to learn to stitch clothes.

Question:-Do you think boys and girls should learn the same skills?

Answer:- Yes of course, in the present time, there is no difference between both genders. Girls and boys are learning the same types of skills such as operating computers, driving a car, running a business and so on.

Question:- Why do boys tend to have better critical thinking skills?

Answer:- No, I do not think that boys have more critical skills rather than girls. It is just part of people’s own thinking. If a boy runs a business as compared to a girl can also manage the same business.

Question:- Why do girls like shopping?

Answer:- Well, according to my point of view, it might be a hobby of girls to go shopping. they love to buy things from the supermarkets. also, girls feel glad when they go to the market to purchase those things which they want.

Question:- Do you like to learn new skills constantly?

Answer:- Yes, of course, I love to do so. Recently, I have learned computer skills and communication skills. but, now I would like to learn interpersonal as well as, interdependent skills.

Question:- What is the most difficult thing for learning?

Answer:- Well, the most difficult thing for learning, according to my point of view, is no interest in learning a thing. For example:- If a teacher is trying to teach a student how to operate a computer, but that learner is not interested to do so, then, it might be a very complication for the teacher.

Describe a practical skill you learned

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