Describe a time when you enjoyed your visit to a park or garden.

# Describe a time when you enjoyed your visit to a park or garden.

  • Where it was

  • what it looked like

  • What you did there

  • And explain why you liked it there?

Sample 1:-

Well, I hail from the city Moga and there are some very beautiful places to visit. however, here I would like to talk about a place which I visited last weekend. it was a park and the name of this park is”Nature Park”.

Last weekend, my cousins visited our home and they insisted me to hang out. On that time, we decided to go to a park for spending our leisure time. it is situated in the center of the city and rectangular in shape. This is one of the most attractive and well-maintained parks in my city. It is full of lush greenery and there are a variety of trees and flowers. It has a long jogging track where we did jogging together.

After jogging, we sat on benches to relax our body. Apart from it, we enjoyed some beverage from the cafeteria which is situated in the right corner of the park. There is a big green lawn also which is ideal for exercise, yoga and fair.

Luckily, on that day, there was an art fair which is organized every year in summer. We enjoyed a lot to see different types of art crafts. I purchased a wall hanging which is made by recycling the waste material. It looked so stunning and eye-catching. We spent the least 3to4 hours in this park but we didn’t realize the time. I love to go there again and again because of its natural beauty, I feel so refresh as well as, relax to visit there. all in all, that time which I spend with my cousins in this park was memorable as well as, enjoyable for me.

Sample 2:-

In the busy schedule, I do not have enough time to visit any park or garden. However, when my family demands then, we usually visit the park. I visited a lot of parks during college time with friends. But here I would like to talk about the ” city garden” which is located in the center part of my city Moga.

I remember, last month I visited there with my husband. This garden is completely different from others. Well, it is a square shape garden and, there is a number of plants and flowers.

Surprisingly, that time we saw a full garden decorated with artificial flowers and dazzling lights. Moreover, there are also a lot of rides for kids such as swings, slides, see-saws, spring riders, playground climbers and tubes.

Apart from it, I and my husband also tried slides and swing. there is also running and jogging track available for people. After it, we saw benches side corner of the garden and we sat on the benches as well, we shared their matters with each other.

Furthermore, I told my husband to eat something. Then, we enjoyed some beverage from the cafeteria which is situated in the northern part of the garden. after that, we sat there and looked at the sky as well as, enjoyed the beauty of nature.

Interestingly, we spent 2to3 hours together and, that day was very special for me because that day I spent a lot of with my partner.

At last, not least, whenever I remember that day I feel wonderful and amazing as well as, this moment was memorable for the rest of life. With it, I loved that garden because there is the number of facilities is available such as seating arrangements, parking facility, and cafeteria also.

Followups question:-

Question:- Are public gardens very important in India? what do you think are the benefits of having gardens in the city?

Answer:- Yes definitely, the public gardens play a vital role in India. there are a number of advantages of public gardens. First of all, local gardens attract many people to go there as well as, provide a piece of mind to them. Next, local gardens encourage humans to grow more and more variety of flowers and plants. apart from it, public gardens make a city more stunning and admirable.

Question:- are there many public gardens in India?

Answer:- Yes of course, nowadays, there are many public gardens in India which are made with the support of Indian people. For instance, there is a popular public garden named rose garden in Chandigarh, Punjab. there are thousands of types of rose flowers which attract the visitors. during the spring season, the garden seems just like nature that comes on the earth.

Question:- Do you think, there are enough public gardens in your hometown?

Answer:- Well, I belong to a small village but, it is a developing village with modern facilities in it such as a school, good water supply, a dispensary, small restaurant and so on. Recently, a youth club in my village has made a beautiful public garden in my village. everyone supports this youth club to do such as development I think, it is enough for my village’s people.

Question:- Very often, public garden are not designed in a simple way but, instead, are laid out in a rather complex way. why do you think this the case?

Answer:- Well, according to my perceptions, designing the gardens in modern or complex ways attract more and more people to visit over there. I have located in my maternal city. In that garden, the shrubs have cut in beautiful shapes such as birds animals and human beings. this attraction of the garden.

Question:- Do you think governments should provide public gardens for people to visit?

Answer:- Yes, of course, authorities ought to provide the garden to cities because it can help them to give a message to human beings to keep their city more green, neat and clean. moreover, public gardens attract people to visit over there with gladness. I believe, the government can do so with the help and good support of people.

Question:- What do people do when they go to a public garden?

Answer:- Well, when individuals go to the public gardens, they feel immensely glad to see the beauty of nature. they think that they are going more and more close to nature. apart from it, they click pictures of the garden with the help of their smartphones and then, upload it on social media. whenever I visit any garden, I feel myself in the lap of nature and also I love to clicks photographs over there like others.

Question:- How do people of different age groups use public gardens?

Answer:- Well, according to my knowledge, when children visit the gardens, they feel highly elated by seeing a plethora of beautiful flowers over there. they love to see a lot of plants of flowers in one place. if I talk about young ones, then, they feel on the ninth cloud by clicking the pictures of natural beauty as well as, photographs of themselves with help of their smart or android phones and they upload such the pictures on social media. but on the other hand side, senior citizens go to the gardens to see the beauty of nature as well as, sit on the benches which set up over there.

Question:- What are the benefits of the park in the city?

Answer:- Well, there are a number of benefits of having a park in cities. first of all, children can go to the park to play there with their friends. they can do many activities there. Moreover, people go to the parks to do exercises and jogging. But, old persons visit parks and sit on the benches. they talk with their friends or read newspapers over there.

Describe a time when you enjoyed your visit to a park or garden public gardens see the beauty of nature public gardens in india ielts exam

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