Talk about a problem solved through the internet.

# Talk about a problem solved through the internet.

  • What was the problem?

  • How you found out a solution?

  • How long took to fix it?

  • Explain how did you feel about it?

Sample 1:- 

In the modern era, everyone depends on technology. Whenever people face any trouble then, they search on the internet and get a lot of solutions. I also use the internet for different sorts of purposes such as, for study, work, cooking, fashion and so on.

But, here I would like to talk about a problem which I solved through the internet. I remember two months ago, that time I was very busy with my sister marriage because my mother gave me all the responsibilities to organized the wedding party.

After it, that time I had a lot of burdens related to the wedding theme and I selected a romantic wedding theme. Then, In the mehndi ceremony, everyone went to the salon but, I was too busy to arranged all things.

Apart from it, I asked my aunt you can go to the market to buy facial ket for me. She tells me sorry dear I’m also busy. Then, I felt very sad because at that time I did not have enough time to go outside the house for other works.

Luckily, my cousin suggested me to search on the internet. At the same time, I search ” how to do facial at home with home ingredients” on google and, I saw a lot of written information as well, I saw the number of videos.

Moreover, I watched a video. In that video, a girl explained how we can fo facial with rice flour and tomato. After that, I watched the full video and applied on the face. Gratefully, I received a wonderful result as well, felt marvelous. That process took only one hour.

At the last, not the least, that time internet was very useful for me and, I solved my problem in an hour as well as, now whenever, I face any difficulty then, I immediately visit on google and, search solution.

Sample 2:-

Ans:-Well, the internet has entered into every nook and corner. In today’s world, we can not deny the fact that internet is a great problems solver. I also used the internet for various problem such as, how to solve accounts equations, beauty care problems and so on. However here I would like to take about a time when I bake a cake for my loved one
using the internet.

Last year, on my husband’s birthday 23 November, I wanted to bake a special red velvet cake for him to gave him a surprise but unfortunately, I did not know how to bake a red velvet cake because I had never baked it before. So it was quite challenging for me. On that time I took help from youtube and luckily I found so many videos related to baking. Although I saw a few videos most. She has great knowledge of baking.

I liked her way how she explained everything. Moreover, she shared recipes with simplicity and also used some basic ingredient which everyone can easily get in the kitchen. So that was the time when I had followed her step by step.

Firstly I collected all the basic ingredients such as cake flour, sugar, baking powder, cocoa powder, vanilla essence and so on. Secondly, I used red natural color instead of baked red color. I crushed the beetroot and squeeze it to pouring the juice into the cake batter. After it, I baked it as per her guidance. In the end, the cake turned out so soft, moisturize rich creamy and delicious. So that was the day when I took help from the internet and it made my day more special.

Followups question:- 

Question:- Which websites are popular among your generations?

Answer:- According to me, the number of websites is popular which provides proper information related to different types of things such as, related to education, beauty, fashion, sports, cooking and many more. For example, mostly girls search for recipes and how to make certain dishes. Moreover, how to make cloths step by step at home, With it, boys visit that websites which gives full information about good diet, health, exercise to make the body fit and six abs and so on.

Question:- What do you usually do on the internet?

Answer:- I am students as well as, do a part-time job at the service center. I mostly spend my leisure time on the internet. with it, I read e-books, play online games and so on. For instance, I am a very foody person and, when I feel stress then, I watch some videos on youtube related to special recipes. After watching the video I prefer to cook at home and relax because at that time I think about I learns one new thing.

Question:- What are some of the advantages of the internet?

Answer:- Well, there are a number of positive points related to the internet. Firstly, we can easily communicate with family and friends, who live in out of city and country. Next, the internet provides information regarding anything and everything. Moreover, some people share their life experiences with others who face the same problem. With it, students also collect all type of knowledge related to education and work.

Question:- Do people in your country use the internet a lot?

Answer:- Definitely, in my country India, everyone prefers to use the internet for different types of things like as, entertainment, education, to gain knowledge, related to beauty, business and so on. With it, every age group folks like to use the internet. Kids and adults also like to chat with their friends through the internet. Interestingly, nowadays, we can see even the elder people also learning how to use it and chat with their kids online who live in other nations.

Question:- Do you do any shopping on the internet?

Answer:- Yes, I do, some items like electronics, clothes, and bags. I have come to like online shopping as compared to the going market. the most important thing, online shopping is the best way to save time and money. But, for clothes, I still prefer to visit the local market and, try the clothes then buy. With it, I can buy trendy and those clothes which suit me.

Talk about a problem solved through the internet.What was the problem?How you found out a solution?How long took to fix it?

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