Recent Research Suggests that The Majority of Criminals Who Are Sent

Recent research suggests that the majority of criminals who are sent to prison commit crimes after they are released. Why is this the case? What can be done to solve this problem?

It has been observed by many studies that most of the culprits get involved in illegal activities once they are released from imprisonment. Out of many reasons, the unchanged behaviour of society is the predominant one. This issue can be resolved best by changing the attitude of society to people.

At the outset, the first reason for committing crimes by the lawbreakers is the unchanged attitude of society. When culprits are freed from the jails and go back to their residential places, they are not accepted. People of society abhor talking to them, and they see them with hatred eyes. Criminals are maltreated by the community. Resultantly, to take an act of revenge, criminals start to do illegal activities, namely kidnapping, burglary and even murder a person without any reason. Society forces them to remain as they are. Moreover, such types of persons do not get employment due to their criminal background. They are unable to make both ends meet. Therefore, their survival is at risk.

On the other hand, if there are numerous causes of committing abominable activities; then, there are countless ways via adapting those, the condition of criminals can be ameliorated. The main one is changing the perception of the masses towards those people by making them realise that they are also a part of a community. This is possible only when society treats them affectionately, such as inviting them to social functions and having trust in them by assigning some responsibilities like they can be made responsible for making any event successful, managing finances for any event. Only then reformation can be seen in the lives of criminals. They will be able to transform their personality. Besides, they must be assisted by the government to provide them loans so that they can set up a small business for their earning and can motivate others to lead a life without earning money by using fair and foul means.

To conclude, thus, in consideration of the above analysis, it is ostensible that owing to getting ill-treatment from society and lack of jobs, and criminals commit crimes again. But changing the attitude of the masses as well as the assistance of loan schemes are viable solutions to deter lawbreakers from committing crimes again.

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