Research Has Shown that Overeating Is as Harmful as Smoking

Research has shown that overeating is as harmful as smoking. Therefore, the advertising of certain food products should be banned in the way as the advertising of cigarettes is banned. Do you agree or disagree?

Evidently, due to disastrous effects on health, some researchers argue that the publication of some specific eatables should be put under the ban. I, however, firmly disagree with this ideology. Upcoming segments are going to elaborate my viewpoint and with material facts and examples.

To embark with, overeating is considerably deleterious same as smoking, although I believe adverts are not primarily culpable. Fast food is gaining popularity worldwide since it is affordable, delicious and easy to cook. Hence, people are irresistible to intake readily available foods on the street. Furthermore, what makes today’s generaffordablsb, their own eating habits and surely they are more reliant on fast foods than homemade ones. Moreover, everyone has the fundamental right to choose what they want to eat; as such, their own choice is forcing them to eat unhealthy stuff.

On the contrary, without any doubt, advertisement influences the mentality as well as the eating habits of viewers; alert doesn’t mean it provokes them to adopt an unhealthy diet. Rather it makes people aware and provides useful information regarding a balanced diet. For example, via ads, one can ensure the level of energy, fat, calories and vitamins present in food items, and then they can decide it is worthy to their precious health or not. In addition to this, despite TV advertisements, public campaigns can make illiterate consumers aware of overheating issues.


To conclude, I believe the government must not impose restrictions on advertisement programmes since, despite attracting, it also makes today’s consumers more rational. Ministries should initiate seminars or special programmes that could spread awareness among folks to flatten the curve of this menace.

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1 thought on “Research Has Shown that Overeating Is as Harmful as Smoking”

  1. The harmfulness of overeating is indisputable.
    Some people believe that eat more than what we suppose to, can lead us to illness comparable to sicknesses cause by smoking. Commercial advertisement of fast food should be prohibited.
    This essay agree with the fact that unhealthy food should not be advertise.

    Hello guys what do you think about this introduction?

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