Schoolchildren Are Required to Wear School Uniforms: Writing Task 2

In many countries, schoolchildren are required to wear school uniforms. Do you think this should be enforced in all schools?

Sample 1 Schoolchildren Are Required to Wear School Uniforms: Writing Task 2

It is an irrefutable fact that uniforms are becoming quite prominent in the contemporary epoch. The government is establishing rules in numerous nations to make uniforms mandatory when children go to their respective educational institutes. The principal objective of this exposition is to put forth some of the aspects of making the dress code obligatory in all schools.

Scrutinizing the given assertion and elaborating further, a myriad of countries are trying to make uniforms compulsory for school kids. They consider that it represents equality, and there are no opinions regarding a student’s lifestyle. To exemplify, pupils who belong to affluent families and children who hail from an impoverished society adorn the same garments when they go to school. If this norm is not practised, then rich kids might wear expensive outfits, and they will show off in front of other peers. This eventually provokes underprivileged kids to be jealous, and there are substantial chances of forcing their parents to provide them with lavish garments. Hence, there is the absence of partially following the same dress code, and all are considered equals on school premises.

Probing ahead, children will have adequate concentration, and there are minimal chances of deviation by wearing uniforms. If students are told to wear garments of their choice, then their sole intention would be their appearance, and they tend to distract from their studies. To cite an illustration, students are prone to think merely about the garments which they prefer to wear to school and the accessories that would match with multifarious outfits. On the flip side, a uniform will completely eliminate such thoughts, and the sole concentration of students will be focused on academics. Thus implementing a standard dress code will not impact the performance of pupils, and there are massive chances for them to score remarkable grades.

Taking everything into consideration, although outfits are appealing, uniform ensures that children are friendly with all peers and focus only on studies. Therefore, this regulation must be implemented throughout the world.

Sample 2 Schoolchildren Are Required to Wear School Uniforms: Writing Task 2

It is irrefutable that uniforms play a significant role in maintaining discipline in schools, and students would enhance their quality of life when they follow the policy of institutes. Therefore, school dresses are vital for the children need to wear at school for various reasons. However, I agree with this view and would like to explicate it at length in the paragraph to come.

To begin, it is implicit that uniform is essential in schools; it creates an encouraging environment among the learners; this leads to there being no discrimination between poor and richer ones and enhances the relationship bond with each other. To be clear, school dresses always help to control and manage the discipline of the school and also improve the educational ambience in which students like to interact themself with more concentration. As a result, they perform well in their academics with gigantic scores. For example, the Indian government gives strict instructions to schools; they must provide dresses to their students to create an unbiased environment. After that, this initiative helps make a faith environment that many children accept without confusion.

What is more, the school dress code gives an immense contribution to improving the quality of education even in attracting more learners who find the best institute for their careers, and this leads children to get engaged with their studies for a long time. Moreover, children like to learn the importance of togetherness when wearing the uniform and enjoy the intimacy while representing themselves as a student for their school. Furthermore, the bond with studies eventually becomes more durable if they follow the uniform lesson. For instance, dress code in school has immense benefits and gives a lesson to the young generation which they get remains in touch with their morals. To add to it, students look similar in uniform, so they quickly achieve a milestone without any distractions.

To put it in a nutshell, I say that the uniform must be compulsory in schools to manage the environment among students and improve the reputation worldwide.

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