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Describe a science subject that you learned in high school ielts exam

Describe a science subject that you learned in high school.

You should say:
what subject it was
who taught you this subject
what you learned from it
and explain how this subject helped you in your life.


  1. Well, science was one of my favorite subjects in school because it was really interesting and knowledgeable. It was, in fact, the warehouse of knowledge. It helped me to improve my intellectual capacity.
  2. If I talk about a favorite science subject, there were three major branches of science – biology, physics, and chemistry. However, my favorite was biology. It was taught by Mr. Sanjay Kasha. I liked it for different reasons.

 Reasons to like

  1. Biology is basically astudy  life. It tells us about different species, their origin, structure and various functions.
  1. Through biology, I came to know some astonishing facts about life. I learned some interesting things about the human body, plants, and animals.
  1. I got to know that there are about 1.5 million species on earth. I also learned about the evolution of species. Charles Darwin’sTheory of Evolution’ was an eye-opener.  It was quite funny to know that monkeys were our ancestors and it took millions of years for us to get the present shape of the body.
  2. Moreover, there were some incredible facts about the human body as well. I came to know that human body is one of the most beautiful yet most complicated structures on the earth. Human anatomy was my favorite section of biology. In this section, I got to know about the functions of different systems in the body like respiratory system, digestive system, circulatory system, nervous system etc.

All in all, studying biology was always a fascinating experience.  It was highly knowledgeable and I really enjoyed it. Thanks

Sample 2

In my school days, I was fond of the science courses and took pride in that with my cousins as I knew more than them on space-issue. Space Science was the favorite subject of mine in school and now still I am attracted to the subject.
Space always attracted me and I loved watching the moon. My grandfather had a telescope and I used to observe the sky with that. When I got promoted to the eighth grade, I got attached to the space science, one of my science courses. The course was filled with the descriptions of the stars, planets, galaxies and more other issues. I read the book more attentively than my other courses and experimented with the telescope which I inherited from grandpa. Gradually I developed a sense of interest in the subject and now having my post graduation over the same course. Gradually I came to know about different wonderful facts about space.

Mr. Parminder Sekhon was assigned as the teacher of the Space Science. He was one of my preferred teachers in the school days and still I share a bond with him. He used to teach us the subject with care and each of the students at the class listened attentively to his lectures. Unfortunately, he was allowed to take the class thrice in a week. So, each of the students, fascinated with space issues, eagerly waited for the class and I was one of them. He taught us different matters about the space and also made us skilled in figuring out the stars and planets. Mr. Sekhon was the man who made the tougher issues simpler with his deep knowledge about space. Once he invited a couple of students at his home and I also attended the invitation. To my surprise, I saw that his reading room is filled with books and almost two-thirds of the books belong to space-related issue

Follow-up questions

  1. What is the role of science in general life?
  2. Do you think children today are overburdened with studies?
  3. What is the role of games in school?

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Describe a science subject that you learned in high school IELTS exam

Describe a science subject that you learned in high school IELTS exam

Describe a science subject that you learned in high school IELTS exam

Describe a science subject that you learned in high school IELTS exam


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