Shopping Is the Favourite Free Time Activity for Many Young People Today

Shopping is the favourite free time activity for many young people today. Why do you think this has happened? Should young people be encouraged to do different activities in their free time rather than shopping? Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own experience or knowledge.

In the modern era, people, especially youngsters, like to purchase new things in their leisure time instead of participating in other activities. There are many prominent reasons behind this phenomenon like new trend following, personality, etcetera. Therefore parents and elders need to motivate their offspring to utilize their time in recreational activities rather than shopping. I will discuss reasons and solutions to overcome this obstacle in the following paragraphs.

There are several major factors of this trend but first and foremost is that many young people are a shopaholic. They like to buy new things which actually they do not need. Perhaps, it gives them pleasure. For instance, youngsters are influenced by their favourite actor or actress clothes, and it creates curiosity in their mind to buy it as people can give same attention like their favourite one’s. Moreover, this will help them to take participate and connect with the new trend. Apart from it, nowadays, people judge others from their clothes, personality, lifestyle. Therefore, teenagers spend more money on branded and designed clothes, footwear and etcetera, and it does not only make their perfect personality but also give respectful place in the society.

However, without shopping, there are many recreational activities in which youngsters can indulge. Firstly, parents should motivate their offspring to take participate in sports. This will not only protect them from diseases like hypertension, diabetes, obesity and etcetera but also develop social values in them such as coordination, leadership, time management and so on. This will improve their enthusiasm as well as digestion. Furthermore, if children indulge in other leisure activities like camping, it will enhance their knowledge and make them more confident. For example, many trips are organized by different organizations in historical places. Therefore teenagers can associate with their culture and tradition and follow them. Thus it helps to preserve their culture.

In conclusion, purchasing new things is a good activity, and many young people like to shop due to several reasons such as shopaholic nature, good and perfect personality. However, parents and teachers need to organize some campaigns and motivate them to take participate in them, which enhance social skills in them.

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