Sky Speaking part 1 Questions With Answer

Sky Speaking part 1 Questions With Answers. These are the IELTS Speaking part 1 Topics and Questions on general topics about your life. Your answers will be from your life and experience.

Sky Speaking part 1 Questions With Answer.

Question 1. Do you like to see the sky?

Well, I have never thought about this side, but yes, precisely I like to see skies whenever I’m sad or tired throughout my day.

Question 2.

Do you like to see the sky?

To tell you the truth, I like to see stars. I remember one particular memory from my childhood when we used to sleep on our terrace in the summer season because it is sweltering in India in that season, so I was really fascinated by seeing lots of stars. I used to wonder why they keep on shining.

Question 3. Which is a good place to see the stars?

In recent times I think there are lots of skyscrapers and high rise buildings in the city where I live, and those are the best places to see the stars in my view.


Question 4. Do you know anything about stars?

To tell you the truth, I have not studied in the field of stars and astronomy, but I know that they are made up of clouds and some scattered stones in the universe.

Question 5. How often do you look at the sky?

Daily whenever my gym instructor tells me to run more in the garden, and I’m not able to run, I look into the sky and pray to God to get rid of my gym instructor.

Question 6. Do you prefer the sky in the morning or the sky at night?

Well, I prefer the sky in the morning because it gives me a sense of hope, and it also indicates that the opportunities are limitless in this world, so we have to try hard and live with the best of our spirits.

Question 7. Can you see the moon and stars at night where you live?

Unfortunately, I do not see the moon and stars from the place I live because a recently well-known builder has constructed a skyscraper just beside our low rise building.

Question 8. Is there a good place to look at the sky where you live?

Indeed as I mentioned earlier, there is the recently built skyscraper beside our residence. Actually, it is a 14 Storey building, so it would be good to see all the stars and sky in the night apart from it. My city where I live, Ahmedabad, has also established a Science Centre where we can see many beautiful sights of the universe.

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