social networking sites such as Facebook have huge negative effects

Many people believe that social networking sites such as Facebook have huge negative effects on society and individuals. Do you agree or disagree?


Today’s in a modern-driven world where human contact is so fast and quickly seems real because of ample advancement in technology. Numerous social sites are becoming popular among youngsters. However, these sites such as Facebook and instagram have significant adverse effects on both societies and people. I agree with assertion because these sites are not only responsible for spreading false information of people but also developing an isolated community.

social networking sites such as Facebook have huge negative effectsTo begin with, unlike in the past time, these days society isolation seems a popular site because now individuals spend most of their time on social sites. People, especially youngsters, are more likely to spend leisure time on Facebook, twitter than spending it with neighbors and friends. This tendency indeed leads to social isolation, which is not helpful to develop trust and cooperation. For example, a survey reveals that large proportion of people in the UK are utilizing more time on social sites by chatting other people than spending time with local people and this is affecting their relationship among society remarkably. Therefore, social sites have a negative impact on society.

Furthermore, teenagers are too immature to use social sites, and they can be easily targeted by anti-social ailments. These offenders use children as a tool to steal the secret information of their parents, which results in the financial loss of individuals. Moreover, these sites are supposed to spread misguided details, which is sometimes responsible for conflicts. It is generally said that the information which is being forwarded enormously on networking sites is not precise. So this can affect the personal choice to a large extent because sometimes this bias information is related to a celebrity or famous person.

To sum up, although social sites have numerous benefits such as making new friends from other places and instant connectivity, the adverse effects on society and individuals cannot be denied. I personally believe that social sites are not only becoming a platform for spreading false information but also sometimes responsible for confiding individual’s secret financial information. Therefore, these networking sites seem to have more negative effects than positive.


Sample 2

In this modern era, social media has a vital role in our day to day life, and It is argued that these sites have adverse effects on individuals and society. I strongly agree with the above thought that social websites have detrimental consequences among locals and individuals.

First and foremost, social websites have hurt relationships a lot, those who are spending huge time in front of computers and mobiles for chatting, they lost their relationships and the contact with the people around them. Hence they dont have enough time to meet their friends and relatives. As a result, bonding relationships will dropdown. For instance, in the earlier. People get time to meet their relatives and friends weekly to share their joy and sorrow. Eat together and enjoy/nowadays most of the people do not know their relatives and friends. Consequently, there are no close relationships with each other.

In to Addition, depression, loss of sleep are another reason for overusing social websites. These can notice among youngsters. They spend most of their valuable time in front of computer and mobile. Similarly, they lose their education, and this will lead them into failure, Based on students, they cant score good results on their examination. As a result, the social network leads to negative effects on individuals and society.

To sum up, Although Facebook and other social networks have beneficial to some extent. But I strongly agree with the argument that these sites have more negative impacts on people and the community. I hope they will realize and use these sites wisely.

Sample 3

In the modern era, the world has encountered numerous growth of social networking sites users. One part of the society believes that it will have a positive impact, whereas others believe that it might be turned into detrimental effects on society. In my perception, I think that, although there are many disadvantages associated with it, yet its advantages cannot be neglected, which I shall discuss in the forthcoming paragraph.

social networking sites such as Facebook have huge negative effectsFirstly, on the brighter side, with the advent of Facebook, it is possible for people to have remained in contact with each other. Moreover, it is possible to find any old friends via this application through its search option. For example, after Facebook account, now I have searched many of my old school friend who had an account on Facebook, and today we are in touch at every moment. Furthermore, one another imperial benefit is that any information can be quickly disseminated through facebook to every corner of the world within the fraction of seconds. As per the recent survey, many families whose kids were missing, have again received them via facebook application.

On the contrary, facebook encourages to the virtual world. Today’s youngsters not only spending tons of hours on Facebook but also they are becoming the victim of addiction. Another potential danger drawback is it renders the age-old tradition redundant. To illustrate people, nowadays wish friend or peers on through facebook instead of personal face to face wish.

In recapitulation, In my view, while there is an abundance of benefits connected with the use of facebooks socially, there is a dark side of it. It absolutely depends upon the user, in what way one utilize this application.

Sample 4

Nowadays, everyone spends more and more time on global networking websites. Majority of masses think that global networking websites, for instance, Facebook have a more significant impact on society and individuals. This essay will put light on effects on both organizations as well as individuals.

To begin with, it is crystal clear that it has lots of effect on society. First and the foremost effect is increased cybercrime rates, which has a more significant impact on society. To elaborate or would be seen that increase in the uses of social networking services leads to the rise in cybercrime. Secondly, it affects the social culture as well as tradition. To explain it lucid that increased the using rate of social networking sites leads to loss of cultural and traditional activities which affect the society directly because masses follow another culture rather than own.

In Addition, it has a plethora of impact on individuals.foremost effect on the health of explain it; individuals spend their lots of time on internets. As a result, they dont eat a proper diet, and their health become weaker such as weak eyesight. Moreover, teenagers distract themselves from their life goals to explain it could be seen that student spend more time on social media rather than study. As a result, they will not succeed in their life goals.

In conclusion, from the first discussions, it is crystal clear that social networking has more negative effects than positive ones.

Sample 5

Nowadays, social networking websites like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and instagram have become an essential part of our life because of this; many people are getting closer to these websites. I strongly agree with this statement.

social networking sites such as Facebook have huge negative effectsFirst and foremost, today’s social networking sites have started hurting relationships, in present time, people spend a lot of time on online, and they do not have any time to visit their friends and relatives so today, the relationship has not perfect. For instance, in these days, most of the people do not even know many of their relatives, and they are waste of the more time in the front of the computer and mobile phone for chatting with their friends and sometimes they any type of things posting on Facebook. So they do not any work of house and it can be clearly seen that many children of the today’s spent a lot of time on this websites, but they do not know, if they spent more time on this websites then they can face many problems like the effect on the brain and eyes side becomes overwhelming.

In conclusion, although, many websites are beneficial for everyone according to me people should use these websites in limited time then which they can avoid the loss of these websites.

Sample 6

Nowadays, social media have a significant impact on the world. The number of people thinks that these sites have a massive adverse effect on people and their society. However, I agree with the statement that social sites are severely affecting the community.

The social networks are mainly attracting the young generation. Firstly, some of them are addicted to use these sites. That includes a plethora of false information, and these people follow the untruthful contents, while they live in a fake world. For example, in recent days, people are very health-conscious, and most of them are following the various social sites related to diet and exercise. The majority of them are giving unethical data because of that; these people end up with a lot of health issues in their life.

Secondly, the individuals are using sites like facebook for roll out some wrong details about a person or fame; it creates a big difficult situation for them. For instance, some people put badly morphed photos of a person as a part of revenge. As a result of that, it destroys the life of that person.

On the other hand, these medias giving a wide variety of knowledgable information to the public, and they should utilize these sites in a good manner. People operate these informative media for many criminal activities and also they supporting crime. Only because of that society has a bad image of these sites.

In conclusion, using social sites with improper way may have a lot of harmful effects for the world. Operate these sites as a fair manner; it helps the individuals to support their society.

social networking sites such as Facebook have huge negative effects

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