Some Believe that People Will Buy a Product Based on Their Needs

Some believe that people will buy a product based on their needs, and there is no need for advertising. To what extent do you agree or disagree with the essay?

In the technology-driven world, people had an enormous chance to understand the pros and cons of every single item. Moreover, they had the advantage to understand end-to-end properties for their needs. Rather than these commercials, there are numerous ways to spread the popularity of particular items. This situation has both merits as well as demerits, but definitely, the pros outweigh the cons.

To begin with, advertisements played a vital role in our society. It is the utmost way to understand end-to-end about a particular item or a brand. Lion half of business tycoons in the market spent millions for their particular brand for getting an easy or well-known space. Because they know the influence of these ads in society. For example, most popular brands update their commercials through magazines, televisions, and social media. Secondly, half a portion of the business advertisements are well established and well created. So, people can easily get an idea about the particular product, and they had the right to accept or deny it. Thirdly, because of market competition, big brands compellingly entered the adverting’s. For example, the automotive kings brand BMW delivers ads very recently because of market opposition. Finally, these commercials help individuals to reach the right place for their purchase.

On the other hand, there are several drawbacks to this advertisement. Firstly, people were fell into certain tricks because of unethical or unprofessional advertisements. Furthermore, they fell into a dilemma because of the inefficiency of the right choice. For example, these confusions are always clearly visible in automobile industries for choosing the right choice of vehicles. Secondly, because of the advertising burden, the right products may not reach the right hands. For example, supermarkets and other outlets forcefully not displayed numerous brands of items in single raw.

In conclusion, it is our ultimate right to choose wisely as per our needs. Furthermore, commercials are for the public, and it is tactics to grab pubic attention. So, it is always advisable that to recognize totally about the product before purchase.

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