Some Feel Governments Should Invest

Some feel governments should invest in preserving minority languages, while others feel this is not a good use of resources. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Language is a gateway to know about others cultures and communicating with them. It is argued that governments should infuse in conserving minority languages, while others consider it is in vain to put money into storing it. In my perspective, it is vital to infuse to neutralize its extinction as well as saving cultural identity, if it is no longer spoken.

At the outset, in different parts of the world, minority languages are spoken; but, the number of speakers is scanty. So, if attention is not paid towards saving these, they will become extinct and it is an irreparable loss for any nation. So, measures must be taken to keep it alive. Governments must consider that less spoken languages were once the treasure house of keeping survive the old traditions or customs. So, it is indispensable to preserve these languages. For instance, Sanskrit, being the oldest language, is on the verge of extinction. People do not know the ABC of it. Thus spending more money on it by making it mandatory for learners in schools or colleges, can save these to some extent. Masses must be made aware that all the religious books like Digveda or Atharvaveda and to name but a few are written in this language. So, these contain historical importance.

Furthermore, others argue that it is inappropriate usage of wealth as these have become obsolete and moreover are less spoken by individuals. The prime reason is the excessive usage of foreign languages. So, the language, which assists people to learn about the outer world and earn handsome income by getting proficiency in an alien language is lucrative for them. So, pouring money lavishly is a futile effort of the government to save it instead governments should invest more in expanding international language, which will be more beneficial in strengthening the economy of a country. Thus they consider spending more amount to preserve minority languages, is impractical work.

In conclusion, as it is ostensible from the above-mentioned ideas that governments ought to preserve dying languages in order to save culture as well as escaping it from being extinct due to containing treasure house of knowledge. From others perspectives, it is no longer spoken and is now replaced with the foreign language. I consider it is important to save, which were once the origin of all languages. If culture is saved today, it is due to these less spoken languages.

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