Your Son Studies a Foreign Language at School, but He Needs Some Extra Lessons.

Your son studies a foreign language at school, but he needs some extra lessons. Write a letter to a teacher asking him/her for some help. In your letter

– Explain why your son needs help.
– Ask the teacher about his/her experience and methods.
– Suggest a possible schedule for extra lessons.

Sample Answer of Your Son Studies a Foreign Language at School, but He Needs Some Extra Lessons.

Dear Ms.Mesilla,

I am writing this letter to express my concern about my son’s french classes. Master Kaushik is studying in 3rd class in your esteemed Oxford International English School.

To furnish with more details, My son’s first language is Hindi as we hail from Maharashtra. Owing to our settlement down south in Kerala, we opted for Oxford international school as it posses international academic standards. Consequently, we elected French as a second language, as we felt that multi-language acquisition is mandatory in the present situation. However, Kaushik’s performance in french has been drastically falling from the past six months. As a result, we request your help to support him.

Although I have confidence in your school curriculum, I would like to know about the various teaching methodologies you are implementing at school to make the wards understand the language better. Besides, I would be thankful If you can share with me your educational qualifications along with your years of experience.

I would be grateful if you could supplement Kaushik with extra classes in your french subject during the evening time from 4-5 pm. This additional period of coaching would enable him to overcome his difficulties in french.

Seeking a positive reply.
Yours sincerely,

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